Starting January 23, 2023, the city contractor, Metro Express Inc., will begin roadway pavement activities that will impact Lenape Drive from Westward Drive through to S. Melrose Drive. The work includes asphalt milling, resurfacing, and restriping.

As part of this project, the contractor will place asphalt in your area in the coming days. Please note that while you will be able to leave your home, access to residential driveways may be restricted during asphalt paving operations. During asphalt paving, it is highly recommended that you DO NOT PARK IN YOUR DRIVEWAY until after the tack (adhesive placed prior to the asphalt) and asphalt dries to prevent getting tire marks on your driveway. As required by the contract, on-site personnel will coordinate any driveway disruptions or closures with residents to minimize the length of the closure. Vehicles should be parked outside the paving boundaries during this time.

The contractor is required to maintain local vehicular traffic during working hours and all lanes of vehicular traffic during non-working hours. You may experience some delays and inconveniences during this time, and, in this regard, we ask for your cooperation and patience. We also request that when driving or walking through and around the construction area, you follow and obey the construction traffic signage for your safety and the safety of the workers.


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