It’s no secret that we’ve been very critical about the project at One Curtiss Parkway (commonly referred to as Miami Springs Town Center).  Specifically, we’ve called out the lack of parking and the amount of public parking that will be gobbled up to accommodate this new project.  We have also been critical of the city administration’s lack of oversight that allowed the project to move forward without charging a parking fee.  This oversight could have yielded in excess of one million dollars in parking fees.

Closed Canal Street between Curtiss Parkway and Hook Square

Hook Square Projects

We got spooked when we heard two properties had sold along Hook Square.  The property at 69 Hook Square sold for $3.3 Million on January 14, 2022.

69 Hook Square Miami Springs
69 Hook Square Miami Springs sold for $3.3 Million

And the property across the street located at One South Royal Poinciana Boulevard sold for $2.8 Million 4 days earlier.

1 South Royal Poinciana Boulevard
1 South Royal Poinciana Boulevard

However, we were thrilled to hear that the new owner, Manny Varas, wasn’t planning on turning the properties into apartments, but instead wanted to remodel and revive the properties.

Springs Circle Center
Springs Circle Center

We’ve seen broken promises in the past, but we’ve got to give Kudos to Manny Varas for moving forward with his retail revival plans.  In addition to the $6.1 Million property investment, Mr. Varas has invested thousands more in upgrading the properties’ facades, windows, and interiors of some of the units.

Springs Circle Center at One South Royal Poinciana Boulevard
Springs Circle Center at One South Royal Poinciana Boulevard

You can see in the photo above the incredible progress Mr. Varas has made in upgrading and renovating the look of downtown Miami Springs.  I think we can all agree that the retail center looks much better than it did before.

You can also see the upgraded facade of the property at 69 Hook Square.  While the upgrades and renovations are yet to be fully completed, we are thrilled, and I’m sure most residents and customers are thrilled to see this much needed facelift to these two downtown retail areas.

We wish Mr. Varas Godspeed as he continues to make positive progress on his two properties.  We also look forward to seeing the new businesses that are expected to call these properties home.

Hopefully, Canal Street will be open by then.


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