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Miami Springs Police Sergeant, Andres Quintanilla, was arrested Tuesday, May 26th, on a corruption charge. According to NBC6, the FBI investigation charged Quintanilla “with attempting to affect commerce by extortion under color of official right, according to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.”

According to Local10.com, Quintanilla is alleged to have helped a drug trafficker instead of arresting him. Here`s a list of activities alleged by the FBI in the Local10 report:

– Assisting a drug trafficker

– Providing the location of unmarked Miami-Dade police narcotics office

– Providing the names of three Miami-Dade police officers and promising to provide photographs of officers in the future.

– Escorting a fake 10 kilo cocaine deal

– Offered a location for the quarter million dollar deal to take place

According to the Local 10 report, “Qunitanilla confessed to accepting bribes last month when questioned by the FBI about his role in the trafficking of narcotics.”

Click here to read the Local10 article.

Click here to read the NBC6 report.

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Click here to read the report published in The Herald.




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