I hope all is well. As you know Flag Football is up and running again. It is being run by Tony Silva and Jimmy Carter with Macbeth from VG. It has been a pleasure helping youth programs for over 20 years. The Optimist wanted to thank the City of Miami Springs and the Village of Virginia Gardens for always supporting the Optimist Club and the youth when needed. I also wanted to thank the sponsors and there are to many to name but Orr Plumbing has been there ever year for flag football and this year we had a kind donation from Miami Springs Nursing and Rehab. Again, we thank the community and our City partners for making Flag Football a success. I also want to thank the many volunteer coaches that put in countless hours to help coach which really helps our volunteer programs. Again, the Optimist Club thanks the community for there help and support.


Tony Silva
MSVG Optimist Flag Football

Miami Springs Flag Football


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