CIMA Medical Center in Miami Springs shares some of their best tips to stay active during the holiday season.

The holidays can be joyful but can also be full of stress and chaos.

We get to spend time with loved ones doing fun things, but that can also be accompanied by busy schedules and delicious calorie-dense foods. Couple that with weather and it can make physical activity hard to achieve and unfavorably alter our body composition. Regardless, we can maintain our health throughout the holiday season!

Here are their Tips to stay active during the Holiday Season:

SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: the holidays can be hectic and busy, don’t challenge yourself to hit the gym daily if you can only make it once or twice a week.

GET THE FAMILY INVOLVED: everyone will benefit from moving their bodies. The human body is made to move! You can start a fun family tradition to move during the holidays.

CHANGE UP YOUR ROUTINE: if exercise is a top priority and you’re crunching on time, opt for shorter full body.

BE KIND TO YOURSELF: it is the holiday season after all!

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