It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  As Christmas quickly approaches, so do all the Christmas parties, holiday events, beautiful decorations, and Christmas shows.  And during Christmas, nothing is cuter than the Elementary and pre-school Christmas shows.

2022 Springview Elementary Christmas Show

We had the privilege of attending this year’s Christmas show at Springview Elementary and it was a superb hit.  I’ve been to a lot of these events, but this year’s show was truly exceptional.  In my humble opinion, the teacher’s selected great high energy holiday music which in turn kept the kids entertained, enthusiastic, and fully enthralled in their performances.

2022 Springview Elementary Christmas Show

And the parents, grandparents, siblings, and tias and primos were loving it in the crowd.  Clapping along to each of the songs and finishing with a roaring applause after each performance.

2022 Springview Elementary Christmas Show

We’d like to thank all the teachers, parents, staff, and administration for making this a memorable Christmas show as Springview Elementary.  You guys rock!

2022 Christmas Show at Springview Elementary





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