Miami Springs students and teachers began the process of going back to school live and in person. Slowly, but surely, life is getting back to some normalcy. Yes, many students have opted to stay home with digital learning. Furthermore, we understand several teachers and administrators are taking leaves of absence as opposed to returning to the classroom. Nevertheless, through the hard work and determination of so many teachers and administrators, schools have been able to reopen for in classroom learning.


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Of course, it’s not all normal yet.  Masks are mandatory.  There’s a lot of social distancing.  And schedules have changed to allow for staggered drop offs and pickups.  Bottom line, the schools are doing everything possible to provide social distancing and a safe environment for students and faculty.

We want to congratulate everyone for all their hard work to give students a much needed social environment that helps with their growth and learning.

We hope everyone continues to practice social distancing, mask wearing, and regular hand washing to stop the spread  of the Coronavirus.  Stay safe everybody.

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