COVID-19 cases remain stable within our zip code with 35 new cases over the last week.  That puts the total number of cases within our zip code at 1,864.  We estimate Miami Springs has approximately 1,025 cases of the Coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic.


The number of new cases within the County have remained relatively stable with 2,913 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 7 days.  The total count for the County has now reached 175,118 cases.

New hospitalizations continue to drop in Miami-Dade County as COVID-19’s impact on our hospital system continues to lessen.  This is great news for the overall health of our local hospital system.

We lost another 105 souls in Miami-Dade County last week putting the total number of fatalities at 3,439 since the start of the pandemic.  The Miami-Dade County COVID-19 fatality rate stands at 2.0%.  That means 98% have survived.

The number of new weekly cases in the State of Florida remains high with over 18,000 new cases last week, but the rate has remained stable for the last few months.

Florida COVID-19 fatalities remains under 1,000 per week with 707 souls lost last week.  The statewide fatality rate for COVID-19 positive patients stands at 2.1%.  In other words, 97.9% of COVID-19 positive patients have survived in Florida.


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