Recently, we asked the Miami Springs Community to list their Top 3 Favorite Places to Eat.  The response was impressive with over 500 submissions.

2018 Best of Miami SpringsWe took the results and put them into a spreadsheet and tallied the numbers.  These results are 100% based on what the Miami Springs Community rated as their favorites.  There was no editorial review.  We took the very passionate and honest nominations made by the Miami Springs Community.

In total 36 local eateries were nominated by the Miami Springs Community.  But as we tallied the numbers, it was clear the community definitely has very specific favorites.  The nominations included the full spectrum of eateries from upscale restaurants to casual takeout and delivery.  Ultimately, the community decided what their Favorite Places to Eat would be.

Now, before we go further, all 36 locations should be proud to be nominated by members of the community.  Furthermore, there were several highly rated restaurants that didn’t make the top 10 list, but definitely made our Honorable Mention List, we’ll review that in a moment.

More importantly, I think it says great things that we have so many great culinary choices in Miami Springs.  We want to use this list to help drive awareness of ALL the great places to eat in Miami Springs for our locals (who may not have tried them all) as well as to our neighbors and travelers visiting Miami Springs from other areas.

Drumroll please…

Top 10 Places to Eat in Miami Springs


Before we share the Top 10 Places to Eat (scroll down for that link), here’s the list of some of the local favorites that fell just below the top 10 mark. These all ranked high in our poll and should be considered for your dining enjoyment.

HONORABLE MENTION #5:  Original Big Tomato 

Big Tomato serves gourmet pizzas, paninis, and wraps.  Located right on the Circle and Westward Drive, Big Tomato is a family favorite.  Big Tomato has a modern casual decor with TVs to entertain.  They have plenty of seating with views of the Miami Springs Circle.  The staff is friendly and the food is delicious.  Big Tomato offers a variety of non-alcoholic drinks as well as self serve fountain drinks.  Plus, it’s a hit with the the kids who can get picky at some restaurants.

Click here to learn more about Big Tomato.


Located on NW 36 Street, this restaurant has easy access from Miami International Airport and nearby hotels.  Easy parking for the Sushi lovers on the go.

Click here to learn more about Suvi Thai.

HONORABLE MENTION #3:  Thai Rama Sushi

Thai Rama Sushi has a great group of fans who just love the local sushi in downtown Miami Springs, right on the Circle.  This cozy restaurant features a cool window area where you can dine sitting “Indian Style” on casual cushions.  Of course, they offer standard table seating as well.

Click here to learn more about Thai Rama Sushi.

HONORABLE MENTION #2:  Basilico Italian Restaurant

Technically located in Virginia Gardens, Basilico is still a Miami Springs favorite for the community.  Offering fine Italian food in a more upscale setting, Basilico provides an excellent dining experience when you’re in the mood for a great sit down Italian dinner.

Click here to learn more about Basilico Italian Restaurant.


HONORABLE MENTION #1:  Mixto Food and Drinks

This recent addition to the Miami Springs culinary scene adds a very modern chic look to Westward Drive with a spin on traditional Cuban faire that is both surprising and incredibly satisfying.  The food is amazing.  The kind of place you go to and try different dishes and be rewarded with an explosion of flavor that mixes familiar foods with new combinations that’ll have you coming back for more.  


Click here to learn more about Mixto Food and Drinks.

Are you ready to review the Top 10 Places to Eat in Miami Springs? 


Top 10 Places to Eat in Miami Springs

These are the Top 10 Places to Eat in Miami Springs as submitted by the Miami Springs Community.


2018 Best of Miami SpringsSabores is a Cuban restaurant offering traditional Cuban dishes.  Enjoy black beans and rice served with steak a la Milanesa.  (Breaded steak covered in ham, melted cheese, and sauce.)  Definitely delicious.  Try a real Cuban sandwich or Vaca Frita.

In true Cuban tradition, the meals at this restaurant are oversized with large servings.  The service is good and the decor is traditional Miami Springs.  If you’re in the mood for a good and hearty Cuban meal in Miami Springs, Sabores is the place to go.

Click here to learn more about Sabores.


2018 Best of Miami SpringsFUN. That’s the one word that really captures what Woody’s is all about.  Live Entertainment plays outside every weekend.  Tons of TVs both inside and outside to catch your favorite sporting event.  Woody’s is definitely one of the most popular local hang outs.

Located at the west end of town, Woodys offers traditional American faire with full liquor options.  It’s a great place to grab a bite, have a drink, hang out and have some fun.

Click here to learn more about Wood’s West End Tavern.


2018 Best of Miami SpringsCeviches is a small location that punches way higher than it’s size.  This is the place you go to when you want to experience a new exotic twist in your dining.  Ceviches is not traditional food.  It’s a modern take on Peruvian cuisine that’ll make your taste buds melt in delightful pleasure.

The restaurant decor is modern and hip just like the presentation on your plate.  But looks will only get you so far.  It’s the surprising flavors that’ll have you coming back for more.  Ceviches is a must try if you’re looking for something new and exotic.


Click here to learn more about Ceviches by Divino.


2018 Best of Miami SpringsCozy Corner is a traditional diner serving American faire for decades on Westward Drive.  Cozy is the right name for it because they’ve got the good comfort food you know and love.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing pretentious.  Just a good ol’ fashioned American meal .

Want your grits.  They’ve got ’em.  Bacon.  No problem.

Come as you are.  All they ask is that you come in hungry.

Click here to learn more about Cozy Corner.


2018 Best of Miami SpringsRoman’s Pizza is a classic Pizza Delivery joint serving the Miami Springs area for decades.  Fast.  Friendly.  Fresh.  And affordable.  That combination of ingredients makes Roman’s tough to beat after a long day at work or school.

Roman’s has great tasting pizza and amazing garlic rolls you’ll have to try.

Click here to learn more about Roman’s Pizza.


2018 Best of Miami SpringsThis Award-Winning gourmet restaurant is for the Burger Lover that wants to try a world-class burger combination surprise they’ve never tried before.  JR’s is easily the best place for a burger in Miami Springs, but has also won numerous awards at various culinary festivals and even Miami NewTimes Best of Miami.

If you love burgers, you’ll fall in love with JR’ s Burgers.  There just isn’t a better place to get a burger in the entire state of Florida.  It’s that good!

Click here to learn more about JR’s Burgers

#5:  My Little Greek Deli

2018 Best of Miami SpringsThis Westward Drive restaurant is eponymously accurate with its diminutive size, but this little unassuming restaurant hides a secret of passionate greek flavor that makes the Miami Springs residents come back for more.  This is the place to go when you want REAL greek delights in a very casual setting.  Whether you want Gyros or Lamb, you’ve gotta try My Little Greek Deli.

Click here to learn more about My Little Greek Deli.


2018 Best of Miami SpringsSiamo’s Pizza is not a fast food delivery pizza joint.  They DO NOT deliver (although you can order via UBER EATS).  Siamo’s restaurant starts off with that glorious brick oven.  The smell and aroma you get from the fire cooking your food is a treat to the community and the neighbors alike.  Of course, that means the gourmet pizza comes out smelling and tasting scrumptous.  And as you can tell by this ranking, the locals are hooked.

The service is top notch and the covered patio provides wonderful outdoor dining while protecting you from the elements.

Click here to learn more about Siamo’s Pizza.



2018 Best of Miami SpringsHarvest Moon Bistro is situated at the corner of Westward Drive and Curtiss Parkway and provides outdoor lunch dining.  This is the casual place to go for healthy wraps, sandwiches, and smoothies.  Hearty, healthy, and happy is what it’s all about at Harvest Moon.  The food is amazing using nothing but healthy natural ingredients.

Harvest Moon is a long-time lunch favorite for locals thanks to their prime location in the heart of the city, amazing food, and quick access back to work.  Enjoy the great weather, the great outdoors, and great healthy food at Harvest Moon.

Click here to learn more about Harvest Moon.



2018 Best of Miami SpringsMiami Springs LOVES Mexican food.  And Jeff, the owner, has done a remarkable job running one of the most popular eateries in town.  Tacos, Burritos, Chimichangas, Quesadillas, Mexican Burgers, you name it…Burritoville’s got it.

You can eat inside the restaurant…eat in their sizable patio…order delivery…or order takeout.  It doesn’t matter.  You’re going to get great tasting Mexican food the whole family will love.

Click here to learn more about Burritoville.



2018 Best of Miami SpringsCrackers Casual Dining is all about Southern Comfort Food.  But that description does not do justice to the mouth watering meals and soul satisfying nature of the food at Crackers.  If you’ve been at Crackers, you know why it’s rated #1 Place to Eat in Miami Springs by the Miami Springs Community.

1 – The food is amazing.

2- The service is outstanding.

3 – You feel like you’re at home with family.

To repeat, this is southern comfort food, not diet food.  You’re going to eat food that makes you feel good.  You can start off with some fried okra or pulled pork sliders.  Maybe try the pan fried catfish or maple glazed pork chop.  And you can always finish your meal with some fried bread pudding.    Mmmm  mmmm…This is good eating folks.

Cracker’s is located across from the Miami River and provides both indoor and outdoor seating.

Click here to learn more about Crackers Casual Dining.


Click here to view the list of Honorable Mentions.  These are highly rated restaurants that fell just below the top 10 list, but are still some of the community’s favorites and definitely worth a look.

Wait.  There’s more.

See ALL the Miami Springs Restaurants and Eateries


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Leave a comment and share your thoughts.  This is our inaugural list and we want to enhance and improve it for 2019.


Thank you to the community for the incredible feedback to help make this list an accurate representation of Miami Springs’ favorite places to eat.









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