As we reported on April 8th, construction has begun on the redesign of the Miami Springs Circle.  As of today, Miami Springs no longer has 4 lanes on the south side of the Circle.  The lanes have been cut in half to just 2 lanes.  And with the current stay at home order, schools closed, and the economy in shambles, 2 lanes is more than enough for our current needs.

South Side of Curtiss Pkwy has been converted from 4 lanes to 2 lanes.
South Side of Curtiss Pkwy has been converted from 4 lanes to 2 lanes.

Of course, this stay at home order won’t last forever.  Traffic will return, especially once schools get back in session this fall.  Normal life will look familiar with this predictable site.

As we’ve stated before, this will force the Hook Square backup that happens during normal afternoon rush hour traffic onto these 2 lanes.  Gone will be the lane on the right hand side that we’ve all used a million times to get to Suntrust Bank, the Gas Station, or the former Barry’s Cleaners location.  Traffic has always been bad during rush hour when we were attempting to get to Hialeah.  But getting to the bank, cleaners, or just navigation to South Royal Poinciana was generally a piece of cake.  Now, that will no longer be the case during rush hour traffic.

As you can see in the photo below, these are cars that have backed up from Hook Square.  The cars closest to the camera, are using the far right lane to get through to South Royal Poinciana Boulevard.  The cars in the middle 2 lanes are the cars backed up from Hook Square.  In other words, the cars closest to the camera will now backup the Circle even further.  This can cause gridlock as those cars can back up all the way to Big Tomato (seen way in the background.)

Now compare the picture above, that still has a free lane on the inside to get to Ray’s Tae Kwon Do or Burritoville, to the picture below.  Half the lanes are gone.  So all the traffic will back up onto these two lanes.  Gone is your ability to use the inside lane to around the Hook Square traffic.  Gone is your ability to use the outside lane to continue onto South Royal Poinciana Boulevard.

Today, we’re in an emergency lock down.  Schools are closed.  Businesses are closed.  Tourists aren’t here.  Heck, gasoline prices are under 2 bucks due to the lack of automotive use.  And as you can see above, there’s no traffic today.  But, we all know what’s going to happen once traffic gets back to normal.


Frankly, the reduction of lanes on the Circle reflects good intentions and poor execution. These two wonderful ladies have wanted to make it safer for pedestrians to access the Circle.  A noble cause we fully support.

However, the plans created by the County accomplish this goal while creating a bottleneck that will predictably cause gridlock.  Furthermore, it fails to provide enough pedestrian access. It fails in providing pedestrian access from the Circle Gas Station to Ray’s Tae Kwon Do.  I guess people will continue to cross illegally as they have for years.  It also fails in providing pedestrian access from the Paco’s Way / Burritoville crossing to the Circle.  A natural spot with a yield sign.  A spot many of us have used to get to the Circle since it’s the safest way there.  Somehow, the County didn’t even bother to address those 2 issues.

Now, I’m still boggled by the City’s statement:  “This is being done to control traffic congestion and traffic flow in the area.”  The congestion is only going to get worse as 4 lanes of traffic are forced onto just two lanes.  Furthermore, traffic flow is going to bleed onto the local side streets.

As residents, we know all the side streets to use to get around the traffic.  Those side streets are not commercial district roads.  They are residential roads.  This change to the Circle is going to predictably make the Circle traffic jam impossible.  It will force people to use alternate routes.

Those alternate routes will be the residential areas of Miami Springs.  The streets our kids use to bike.  The streets we take pride on being quiet.  Those are the streets that will take the brunt of the alternate routes created by this forced congestion.

This is a very expensive government project that we’ll have to pay for again in the future once residents get fed up with impossible traffic jams and select a new City Council that will listen to their concerns.

4 lanes have been reduced to 2 lanes on the Circle.
4 lanes have been reduced to 2 lanes on the Circle.


  • Design does not solve source of problem: Hook Square Backup
  • Design removes bypass lanes used by locals
  • Bottleneck will make traffic worse
  • Residential arteries will see increased traffic on their streets
  • Plan fails to address pedestrian access from the Gas Station to Ray’s Tae Kwon Do
  • Plan fails to address pedestrian access from Starbucks / Paco’s Way to the Circle
  • Blocks access to local businesses from the Circle


We welcome contrasting points of  view.  Whether you agree or disagree, we’d love to get your feedback on this project and how it will impact you.  Share your thoughts in the comments or via social media.


  1. I don’t recall seeing this on the ballot. Have to agree with everyone’s comments. If the traffic gets into residential pathways, what’s the use of paying high taxes?

    I chose Miami Springs 20 years ago, because of security, beautiful foliage and how peaceful it is. If that is changing (which I’m constantly listening to planes more than ever), taxes should be decreased.

    It’s sad to see this beautiful city going in the wrong direction.

  2. Why aren’t the residents being given a chance to vote for things that will directly affect us all, such as this? How will this reduce traffic? People use the circle to cross through into Hialeah. Was this done to deter people from using us here in springs as a gateway to Hialeah? I don’t understand how in a place where we pay so much in taxes we have such little say. It’s like someone made a decision (someone that doesn’t sit in traffic in the circle) and the rest of us just have to live with It or leave. Didn’t have to be this way.

  3. I don’t remember seeing or hearing anything on the ballot regarding this. I wonder what else is pending that we citizens wont be told and they will make their own decision without us knowing. Ex condos now the lanes.definitely the residents will see an increase of traffic on their streets. Residents stay alert and vote No On the TGK jail expansion. Stay safe.

  4. This is the absolute dumbest idea ever done in Miami Springs. Every councilman that voted for this should be fired. When this gets put back to the way it was. All the councilmen that voted for it. Should have to pay out of their own pocket for the redue. People with trucks should drive over the curb and make their own lanes again. I know l will.

  5. Who is the idiot responsible for this stupidity? It’s going to a disaster trying to drive around downtown Miami Springs. The traffic will bottleneck all the way around to Hialeah. Whoever is responsible for this idiocy needs to be fired immediately. If it’s a council member, I will personally kick their ass. What kind of lobotomized imbecile would think that this will help anything? The only way to get rid of the rush hour traffic in the circle is to build an overpass into Hialeah, not by reducing the number of cars that can use the circle. It will also increase traffic through residential areas. This is an unmitigated disaster. It is definitely one of the dumbest things I have witnessed in Miami Springs in 30 years living here.

  6. Most likely the dismantling of the Circle is due to the AWEFUL apartments that are going to be build! Removing driving lanes.

  7. It was already horrible to pass through the circle for somebody like me living close the circle in Miami Springs.
    I can only imagine how disastrous this will be. Politicians at their worst….again.


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