Hole 19 inside the beautiful Miami Springs Golf and Country Club is home to a ton of fun.  They have live entertainment every Saturday.  They have Karaoke nights on Fridays.  And they have a popular party night featuring disco, 80s, and salsa on Wednesdays.

Well recently, Hole 19 had a fun night featuring “El Show de Roxy La Russa” and “El Sucio” himself.  (The guy who sang that catchy Miami song from the early ’90s “Sucia” that played all the time on Power 96.)  Plus, they had special guest and local performer, Maria Serritella, also entertaining the crowd.  Watch the video of the recent Hole 19 Concert below:

And if you’re still scratching your head on what song “Sucia” was, you can bring back the beeper and watch the video below:

Credits: Directed and Produced by Vic The Kid Music Entertainment Filmed on location at Hole-19 Scratch Kitchen and Bar Miami Springs, FL

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