The City of Miami Springs City Council approved a resolution that effectively eliminates the volunteer Code Compliance Board and replaces it with paid magistrate services.

Concerns that were raised regarding the Code Compliance Board by the City Council included:

  • Meetings cancelled due to lack of quorum
  • Residents paying for professional representation at a compliance meeting only to have it postponed due to lack of quorum
  • Board members not willing to get tough on enforcement on individuals they may know

Bob Best expressed that he felt the Code Compliance Board represents the community and the wishes of the community. He was not in favor of swapping the board for Magistrate Services.

Mayor Mitchell was concerned with the costs associated the Magistrate Services.  A Special Magistrate is an attorney admitted to practice law in the state of Florida, in good standing with the Florida Bar, and possesses a thorough understanding of City code compliance matters, the City Code and all applicable laws and regulations.

Hillah Sara Mendez, P.A. (the ‚ÄúContractor‚ÄĚ) has been determined to¬†possess the qualifications to serve as the City‚Äôs Special Magistrate.

Hillah Sara Mendez Code Compliance Magistrate
Hillah Sara Mendez Code Compliance Magistrate

Walter Fajet made a motion to approve the resolution.

Jacky Bravo wasn’t entirely satisfied with the process, but she said, “Our City needs help…considering the risk and the pro and the con, it’s not that crazy…if anything we’re going to get something out of this.”¬† And with that she seconded the motion.

The mayor called for the vote and it went as follows:

  • Councilman Best:¬† No
  • Councilwoman Bravo:¬† Yes
  • Councilman Fajet:¬† Yes
  • Councilman Vazquez:¬† Yes
  • Mayor Mitchell:¬† Yes


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