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UPS Store Miami Springs
10 Southwest Canal Street, Miami Springs, FL, USA, USA 33166

Amazon has quickly become one of the Nation's favorite ways to shop. But what happens when you need to return the item? You have to head to the Post Office, Fedex, or UPS. Miami Springs has a great post office, but you have to leave the convenience of our city to get to a UPS Store. That is until now.

With the new UPS Store located on Canal Street in Miami Springs, residents can easily ship Amazon returns via UPS without wasting an hour in traffic.

Recently, I had to return my Comcast cable boxes. I ended up driving to a UPS Store down in Sweetwater. Now, with a UPS Store conveniently located in the area, it saves a tremendous amount of time. And time is money.

Now everyone knows UPS can handle shipping, but the UPS Store is far more than just packing and shipping. Here are some of the convenient services now easily accessible in Miami Springs:


Yeah, when I think Printing, the traditional choices have been the Office Depot on LeJeune or the Kinko's in Doral.  But now you can get your printing down in the heart of Miami Springs with the UPS Store's Printing Solutions.

The UPS Store can print banners for celebrations, business events, and much more.


This question has come up many times in the Miami Springs Community group.  Where can I get a document notarized?  Miami Springs City Hall does offer notary services, but let's be honest, they're closed by the time you get out of work. For practical hours, the UPS store now offers notary services, even on Saturdays.


There are lots of reasons people need separate mailboxes.  Again, the post office offers mailbox services, but you'll be surprised by the rates offered at the UPS store.  In fact, they are now offering 3 months free when you sign up for a full year of mailbox services.  (See details at bottom.)


In addition to Printing, Mailboxing, and Notarizing, the UPS Store also offers faxing services.  I know, I get upset whenever some organization requests a fax, but sometimes you have no choice, but to send a fax.  Especially when the government is the one asking for a fax.  When you need something faxed, know that the UPS Store is here to help.

Plus, you don't have to wait for the City of Miami Springs' shredding event.  You can shred anytime at the UPS Store.

Of course, you can't say UPS without thinking packing, shipping, and delivery.  When you need something delivered, big or small, the UPS Store is here to get your package delivered on time.

The Miami Springs UPS Store is located at 10 Canal Street.  They are open Mondays through Fridays from 8am to 7pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 5pm.

For more information, contact the UPS Store at 786.615.7413 or email them at

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