Nearly 35,000 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the State of Florida.  Of those, 5,800 have required hospitalization or 17%.  Florida has had 1,314 fatalities or a 3.8% fatality rate based on confirmed cases. The trend for new cases in the state continues to drop as well as the number of daily deaths in Florida.


Miami-Dade has over 12,000 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.  We’ve had 1,576 hospitalizations within the County or a 13% hospitalization rate.  The fatality rate in the County is at 2.9% for 358 deaths.  Those ratios are based on the number of confirmed cases.

Unfortunately, the chart below shows the documented new cases for Miami-Dade County has not yet come down enough.  That’s one of the reasons the rest of Florida is opening up more than Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County.  We need to see this chart come down before Miami-Dade really starts to open up.  Thus we need to remind everyone to continue to wash their hands, practice social distancing (unlike the people all over me at Walmart yesterday), and wear a mask when in public.

The good news in Miami-Dade is that our hospitals are in good shape.  As you can see below, Emergency Department visits continues to trend down.  This is a great sign.



We now have 191 local confirmed cases within our area.  As you know, we had recently seen the count jump from just 89 at the start of the week.  As we reported yesterday, Fair Havens has 106 confirmed cases associated with the facility including 89 residents and 17 staff members.  (Click to read more about Fair Havens.)

To be clear, we’re reporting 191 cases within our area zip code of 33166.  Now, the City of Miami Springs represents more than half the population within the zip code 33166.  We’ve been reporting the number of cases within our zip code for some time now because we found that the Municipality Report provided by the State of Florida was full of problems.  We have felt for some time that sharing the data from the municipality report did not make sense because it had so much false and inaccurate information.  In fact, even with 89 confirmed cases at Fair Havens, this morning’s municipality report from the State of Florida still shows just 3 cases in Miami Springs.  In other words, the municipality report from the State of Florida is garbage and wholly inaccurate.

I know that some people thought we were “speculating” that Miami Springs had more than just 3 cases.  No, we weren’t speculating.  We just knew that the municipality report was full of errors and could not be trusted.  Even if it’s from an “official” source.  “Official” sources have been known to be wrong.


Estimated cases based on the recent UM study that states 6% of the randomly tested population within the county were found to have COVID-19 antibodies.


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