The 1st day of school is a day of anticipation, reunion, introductions, fun, nervousness, and anxiety rolled into one.  It’s the day students meet new teachers and classmates.  Teachers meet their new students.  Lifelong friendships begin.

We all knew this year was going to be different.  We knew we would not be doing these things in person.  Students and teachers would be connecting online instead of in person.    This was not new.  In the Spring, the world was introduced with Zoom and the word Zoom became synonymous with online meetings.

But today did not go as planned.  Teachers could barely get connected to the new platform.  Students could barely get in.  Teachers would see their classroom with a handful of students who might successfully connect.  Then, they could all get booted out simultaneously.

Why did it fail?  Online learning was working fine earlier in the year.

It appears the school district was not satisfied with using Zoom again and decided to use a new platform.  According to The Miami Herald, “the district spent $15 million from CARES Act funding on a no-bid contract with education conglomerate K12, which runs My School Online.”

And as every student, teacher, and parent from Miami-Dade County Public Schools knows, the new K-12 Digital Platform failed.

The 1st day of school is normally stressful, but today’s glitches left everyone involved including student, teachers, and parents extremely frustrated.

Ironically, Zoom, the platform the county school district abandoned in favor of the new $15 million program, became the go to back up for many teachers eager to get connected with their students.

But even letting kids know that a teacher was holding a Zoom meeting was a challenge. was virtually inaccessible for much of the morning due to overwhelming demand.

Of course, the spirit remains high as teachers and students will try again on Tuesday.   We hope day two sees a dramatic improvement over day one.



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