We’d like to congratulate Miami Springs resident, Ariel Rodriguez for winning the race for Judge in the 11th Circuit Court, Group 34.  Judge-Elect Rodriguez beat the incumbent, Mark Blumstein by a tight margin.

  • Mark Blumstein:  127,272 votes / 48.5%
  • Ariel Rodriguez:  135,051 votes / 51.5%

We’d like to thank both candidates for graciously agreeing to join us for our interviews.

We want to wish Judge-Elect Rodriguez much success as he takes on his new role as judge.

Detailed Voting Results:

Choice Election Day Early Votes Vote By Mail Total Votes Percentage
Mark Blumstein

38,590 23,550 65,132 127,272 48.52%
Ariel Rodriguez

44,517 22,367 68,167 135,051 51.48%


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