Another day and yet another video of violence at Miami Springs Middle School.  This video by NBC 6 and Telemundo 51 show a young girl being dragged by her hair and punched while she’s on the floor.  According to the report, this 3rd incident occurred on January 15, 2019.  The victims were twin sisters.

According to NBC 6, Miami-Dade Public Schools released the following statement:

“The well-being of students will always be a top priority. As such, additional counselors will be sent to the school to address issues such as these.”

See the NBC 6 video report below:

See the Spanish Telemundo 51 report below:

The additional counselors and resources are a positive step for Miami Springs Middle School.  Parents are demanding more.   They include more accountability.  The expulsion and removal of children who attack other children.

In a day and age where we have the madness of the Parkland Shootings, it is imperative that children who attack other children receive the proper attention, and relocation if necessary.  Children cannot learn in a school if violence is tolerated.

Miami Springs Middle School

Social Media Commentary:

Miriam Gomez Duarte This is unacceptable they need to stop bussing people in from other places. We don’t need this influx of kids from other hoods.

Tania Tcg For those of you claiming that why is this a surprise? I hope you do not have kids in school! You are right when we were kids we got into fist fights too but it has to stop somewhere. I remember not wanting to go to school because my team won a volley ball game and we were threatened by the other team. Got jumped a couple of times and one of the times landed me in the hospital. It’s cruel and no child should have to go to school in fear that he/she will be bullied. Shame on u!!!!

Magali Mut I agree with Ms. Santos we need those kid out of that school and at a reformatory facility!!!

Juan C Sosa What that hell : they need more police. and security , what the counsel is going to do.

Evelyn Gonzalez This school gives the city of Miami Springs a bad reputation. It’s all fun a games for the kids because it’s a free fall for them there! They don’t enforce the uniform code proerly….they don’t enforce the security guidelines. They are understaffed. there are kids roaming all around the city when they should be sitting in class. They cross okeechobee rd in hugh groups of them. There has been close calls where kids have been almost ran over! I have seen kids walking in the ally’s where allot of the back yards to residents are wide open. Stafford park was such a peaceful little park now it has been corrupted by the kids that are up to no good!!!! I witness this every morning.

Rosana Rios Romero Need to stop already. Our community is not violent what is going on? I had to register my son in another school to avoid this type of situation. Why this is happening in our community?

Sigurd Michelson Ring back paddling!

ose Garcia-Cabezas EMBARRASSING…!!! There are already three violent acts and nobody does something ???

Angie Suarez It’s disgusting

Nidia Rodriguez This situation is getting too..far…the School Board should get very serious about this, I don’t understand what are they waiting for…? to get innocent students kill.
Parents should be accountable for their sons/daughters actions.

Barbara Gomez I remember those fights after school!!! They really have to stop!

Joli Vazquez There’s other school options besides public school. I believe there’s 7 here in Florida. Our kids should be learning not fearing for their lives.

Jasmin Helfer Wardy I am horrified that this is just coming to the open now. There has been several times I have had to stop at the red light accross the school and watch kids getting into horrific fights and faculty are near by and ignore the situation. Something drastic needs to happen for all this to stop.

Tania Tcg Only by putting it out there will this stop..maybe put more securities and administrators should take their job more seriously. I was a student there so I know exactly what I am talking about!

Anne Marie Florence I guess nobody hopes for world peace in life ?. So if this is acceptable, we should accept the attack that took place on Jussie Smollet as a fight too. Why should we care? Is this what we have come to? Why not hope for a better future for Miami Springs?

Marilyn Rodriguez Nothing new either. My son would tell me that every day there were girls fighting. Another reason why my daughter will not be attending. And Barbara Andollo Santos hit the nail on the head. There are no serious consequences to this to this type of behavior


Unfortunately, stories like this will pull kids away from Miami Springs Middle and onto other schools like AIE (next door), Blessed Trinity, All Angels, and nearby charter schools like Mater Academy and Doral Academy.  Fortunately, parents have choices as to where they can send their kids to school.  

As a former student at Miami Springs Middle School, it pains me to report about the violence that occurs at that school.  Sure.  There were fights at Miami Springs Middle back in the 80s.  Absolutely.  But enough is enough.  

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t send my little girl to a school with this amount of violence.  Not when I have choices that are much safer.  Not when there are schools with cameras in every classroom and hallway.  

Miami Springs Middle School is in a tough spot.  They have a lot of great kids, great teachers and great administrators.  Only a small portion of the kids are causing the problem.  To stop the violence at the school, it will take more than just a few counselors.  it will take community involvement, pressure on the school district for more security funding (like cameras in every classroom and hallway), and it’ll take accountability.  Others schools have a zero tolerance policy on fighting and immediately take action to remove children that violently attack others.  MSMS may need that as well.

Nestor Suarez


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