Miami Springs is known for having the BEST traditional door to door trick or treating in all of South Florida.¬† Unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot of trick or treating last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tonight promises to be a return to kids in costumes…crowds in the streets…and even some great weather.¬† And by the looks of it, Miami Springs home owners are excited to welcome back Halloween.


Folks, there are going to be lots of kids walking on the streets tonight.  Slow down while driving.  Treat interior residential areas with active trick or treaters like school zones.  Drivers, be patient.  And most importantly.  Do not drink and drive.

Bring flashlights.¬† It’s dark in Miami Springs.¬† Flash lights let you brighten up dark streets and sidewalks.¬† There are lots of trip hazards along swales that may not be visible.¬† Most importantly, flashlights help to alert drivers of your presence, especially when crossing or walking along our dark streets.

Glow sticks and bracelets are also great addition for children to wear to keep them visible on the streets.¬† We know most kids don’t wear bright costumes and i’ve never seen anyone put reflective tape on a costume.¬† A good ol’ fashion flashlight will do the best job.

The Miami Springs Police Department always has a strong presence patrolling the streets on Halloween.  If you see an erratic driver or anything else suspicious, contact the Miami Springs Police Department at 305.888.9711.


Tonight’s the last night of the Cortez Manor haunted mansion experience at the Curtiss Mansion.¬† We drove by last night and saw a huge crowd waiting to experience the thrill for themselves.¬† Will you dare experience it tonight before it’s too late?


We drove around last night and took some photos of some of the great Halloween decorations displayed by Miami Springs homeowners.¬† We’d like to thank all the Miami Springs residents who decorate their homes and roll out the red carpet to all the trick or treaters tonight.¬† Thanks in advance for making this a special night for countless children and their families.¬† God bless you all, stay safe, and have a Happy Halloween.




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