Mayor Maria Mitchell announced the successful acquisition of $60,000 for a Central Business District parking study.  Parking (or lack thereof) was one of the early issues that was brought up by the Business and Economic Development Task Force.

According to Mayor Mitchell, the City of Miami Springs had applied for a $60,000 grant.  The City of Miami Springs was awarded a $50,000 grant from the Miami-Dade County Transportation Planning Organization.  Mayor Mitchell also announced that Miami-Dade Commissioner Rebeca Sosa’s office granted the City of Miami Springs the remaining $10,000 requested for the Parking Study.

Councilman Bob Best asked the City Manager how long it would take to complete the parking study.  The City Manager indicated it would take probably 3 – 4 months with a start somewhere between September and October.  So we should see the Parking Study results somewhere between December – February.

As you might imagine, we’re very interested to see what the $60,000 Parking Study produces.  Nevertheless, we have an idea of the current lack of parking, not only by what we see with our own eyes, but former Business and Economic Development Task Force Board Member and Miami Springs Business Owner, Max Milam, had taken the painstaking effort of doing his own Parking Study of the Central Business District just to get a ball park idea of the amount of parking available.  Spoiler Alert:  We have a huge shortfall in parking in the Central Business District.

Miami Springs Parking Study Reveals Huge Shortage – Part II

We’ll see what the new Parking Study has to say when it’s released some time later this year or early next year.



  1. I wish there was a way to go back and document how much moneys the has been spent on “Parking Studies” in Miami Springs in the past several decades. Guarantee that it is in the hundreds of thousands and guess what, they all say the same things, and nothing ever gets done because it will cost money. Budlings and or houses need to be purchased and torn down to erect multi-level garages to satisfy parking needs, reducing the lanes on Westward Dr will only make it more hazardous.
    Take a lesson from the Circle debacle.


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