The number of cases within our zip code increased by 35% in the last 7 days to 909 total cases.  Miami Springs represents 55% of the population within our zip code, but with the high number of cases at Fair Havens, we may represent more than 55% of the total cases within our zip code.  We estimate Miami Springs has somewhere near 500 total cases.

Fair Havens

We had hoped to see this number stop climbing, but unfortunately, the number of Coronavirus fatalities related to Fair Havens continues to grow.  The State of Florida reported that Fair Havens had another 3 COVID-19 fatalities over the last week.  That puts the total number of coronavirus related residents deaths from Fair Havens at 51.

Fair Havens Coronavirus

Miami-Dade County Coronavirus Update

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases increased to over 81,000 in Miami-Dade County.  That’s an increase of over 20,000 cases in just 7 days or an increase of 33%.

Miami-Dade Hospitalizations

There were 273 new COVID related hospitalizations in the last week which is in line with the numbers we’ve seen the last 6 weeks.  The hospitalization rate has dropped from 16% of all cases to just 6%.  That means a lot of people are confirmed positive, but have not needed hospitalization in Miami-Dade County.

Miami-Dade COVID Deaths

Fatalities did jump up last week with 142 COVID-19 related deaths in the last week.  That puts the total number of fatalities in Miami-Dade County from the coronavirus at 1,274 since the start of the pandemic.  The overall fatality rate has dropped within the county from 4% to 1.6% last week.  Of course, the fatality rate is far worse for seniors, and almost negligible for our youth.


The total number of coronavirus cases in the State of Florida increased by 33% over the last 7 days with over 83,000 new cases.  That puts the total number of cases within the state at 337,569.  Statewide hospitalizations also increased by 2,609 new hospitalizations in the last 7 days.  That’s the highest number of weekly hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic.  Florida also had 701 new fatalities in the last 7 days.   That’s also the highest number of weekly fatalities since the start of the pandemic.


Obviously, the number of cases has gone up significantly within the State of Florida.  Florida now has 338,000 total cases and 5,000 total fatalities.  The total number of cases in Florida has surpassed New Jersey which has 179,000 cases.  However, New Jersey had 15,699 fatalities.  Florida has only had 5,000 fatalities.  Both numbers are incredibly sad, but clearly the fatality rate in Florida (1.5%) is not as bad as New Jersey’s fatality rate of 8.8%.

New York still leads the nation with 411,000 total cases and 32,167 fatalities.  New York has a 7.8% fatality rate.  Again, Florida’s fatality rate is currently 1.5%.

Michigan has 81,384 total cases of the coronavirus.  Miami-Dade has 81,026 confirmed cases.  However, Michigan has 6,367 fatalities or a 7.8% fatality rate.  Miami-Dade has only had 1,274 fatalities or a 1.6% fatality rate.

What this tells us is that either we’re testing better than other states, or we’re protecting the most vulnerable better than other states, or the Florida sunshine helps us out.  Any way you look at it, Florida’s fatality rate continues to be lower than some of the northern states.

SOURCE:  State comparison data provided by Google



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