Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America, but local tennis fans are speaking up as it appears Pickleball is taking away opportunities from tennis play.  At Monday’s City Council Meeting, residents spoke up about the lack of “free tennis play” and the conflicts with Pickleball.

“There was a time before the pickleball takeover when we could play unbothered for free on our local courts, but with the recent changes management has introduced and the pickleball at the tennis center, the tennis players have been swept to the side..” – Matthew Gonzalez

In addition to the frustrations with Pickleball, there were frustrations aimed at Matchpoint LLC that manages the Tennis Center.  Matthew Gonzalez suggested the city’s recreation department takeover the management of the tennis courts.

Tennis Courts

Local resident Frank Fernandez also spoke up at Monday’s City Council Meeting and asked not to prioritize resurfacing, and instead focus on adding more lighting and expanding the hours of operation to 10pm.

Mr. Fernandez was also frustrated with courts used for pickelball and private tennis lessons and eliminating options for tennis play.  Fernandez’ frustration led to the creation of an online petition seeking to replace Matchpoint LLC’s management of the courts.

While much of the ire was targeted towards Matchpoint, let’s be honest pickleball was added to the Tennis Courts because of demand from residents.  Furthermore, if Miami Springs Parks and Recreation takes over the tennis operations, it’s going to cost the tax payers more money as the city will have to hire tennis pros and add city staff to manage the operations.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that there’s a demand for both tennis and pickleball.  There’s demand for more hours and access.

So, what are the solutions?  In our opinion, swapping Matchpoint LLC for Miami Springs Recreation is only going to increase taxpayer costs and not solve the problem.  It appears we need more courts.

Tennis Solutions

We believe that the tennis courts should move to the golf course.  It has superior parking and access to restrooms and dining options inside the Country Club.  Furthermore, the proximity will lure more tennis players to try out golf and more golfers to try out tennis.  It’s naturally symbiotic.

Furthermore, dedicated pickleball courts at the Country Club can be created to satisfy the demand for both tennis and pickleball.

The current tennis courts can be converted into outdoor basketball courts that have been lacking ever since local schools locked down their existing outdoor facilities.

Of course, this won’t happen overnight.

Do you play tennis?  Do you play pickleball?  What do you think?  How would you improve the situation?  Let us know in the comments section below or via social media.

Petition to Preserve Community access to Miami Springs’ Tennis Facility

August 29, 2023

Why this petition matters

Started by Frank Fernandez

We, the undersigned residents and concerned citizens of Miami Springs, hereby come together to express our deep concern regarding the management and operation of the City of Miami Springs’ tennis facility and programs located at 401 Westward Drive.  As dedicated patrons of this cherished community asset, we believe that the introduction of third-party for profit companies threatens the very essence of what the facility represents.


In the proposed 2023-2024 budget, page 135 highlights the tennis program’s core objective: “to maintain the tennis facility with positive images for all residents of Miami Springs.” This declaration embodies the spirit of community engagement, health, and positive growth that the tennis facility has symbolized for decades. However, recent developments have raised alarming questions about the facility’s future under third-party for-profit management.

Our Concerns:

Erosion of Community Bonds: For over five decades, the tennis facility has served as a place where neighbors come together, foster friendships, and strengthen the communal fabric.  The involvement of for-profit entities threatens to dismantle this sense of unity, replacing it with commercial interests.

Exclusion of Long-Term players: It is disheartening to observe that individuals who have faithfully utilized these tennis courts for half a century are suddenly deprived of access due to the profit-driven agenda of a third party company. Such actions directly contradict the facility’s stated goal of maintaining a positive image for all residents.

Our request:

We, the undersigned, respectfully petition Miami Springs Mayor Maria Mitchell and Miami Springs City Council members Jorge Santon, Jacky Bravo, Walt Fajet, and Vic Vasquez, to enact the following measures:

Ban for-profit Companies: We call for a definitive ban on third-party for-profit companies from managing and operating the City of Miami Springs’ tennis facility and programs at 401 Westward Drive. This step is crucial to safeguard the historical, communal, and accessible nature of the facility.

Uphold Community-Centric Values: We urge the Mayor and City Council members to prioritize the community’s values, interests, and well-being over commercial gains. It is essential to remember that the facility’s legacy lies in its ability to bring people together and enhance their quality of Life.


  1. The city should do it like all of our neighboring cities do it, free tennis and pickleball. Light timers are all that is needed for the day to day operation of pickleball courts.

    • I have so many memories of growing up in Miami Springs. Moved there when I was 4 years old. Left when I got married at 26 years old. I walked to school and even came home for lunch each day. I walked to the tennis courts almost every day during the summer at 6am in the morning to play tennis. We walked to the little recreation building next to the tennis courts to play games during the summer. Then they made the little recreation center a library. I walked there every week to check out my Nancy Drew books. As I write this I guess you can tell I lived very close to these memories. Skating on the tennis courts every Friday night was something you don’t see anymore. I lived on Falcon Avenue.
      Miami Springs is not like it was when I grew up. They are knocking down the beautiful Pueblo homes and other homes that made Miami Springs beautiful. Only to put a larger house on 2 lots. My parents home was a Pueblo home built in 1938 and still standing today.
      Miami Springs use to be a beautiful place to live and raise a family but I don’t see it that way anymore. They took away everything that made it a quaint little town where everyone knew each other and kept it a nice town to live in. The names of the streets made it unique. Named after birds and Indians. Please don’t change beautiful Miami Springs any further. If you want Pickle ball put it somewhere else but don’t take tennis away from where it has always been. I am sure the town could find another piece of property to build pickle ball on. Stop tearing down Miami Springs.


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