The Miami Springs Police Department arrested Quandria Veargis on Sunday, July 25th on charges of carrying a concealed firearm without a concealed weapons permit and possession with intent to sell and deliver hallucinogenics (psilocybin mushroom).

Quandria Veargis
Quandria Veargis was arrested by Miami Springs Police on gun charges and possession of hallucinogens

According to MSPD, they observed a blue Hyundai “backed in at a South Royal Poinciana Boulevard hotel.”  The police discovered the suspect asleep inside the vehicle along with a passenger.  Police knocked on the driver’s window multiple times to check on their condition, but the police were not able to wake any of the occupants inside the vehicle.

After not being able to get their attention, the police checked with the hotel staff.  The hotel staff explained that the two occupants had check out of the hotel a couple hours prior.  The hotel staff also explained that they wanted the Veargis and her companion removed from the property.

MSPD went back to the vehicle and again repeatedly attempted to gain Veargis’ attention.  Finally, after multiple attempts, Veargis woke up and exited the vehicle.  MSPD claim that Veargis consented to a search of her car.  MSPD also allege that they found an unholstered and loaded 9mm handgun with a round inside the chamber.  (NOTE:  It’s not illegal to have a 9mm gun with a round inside a chamber, but you need to have a Concealed Carry License if you’re going to have a gun in your purse.).

Police also allege that they found psilocybin mushrooms.  MSPD claims that Veargis admitted that the items were hers.


Mug Image 210144867 VEARGIS, QUANDRIA LASHON 07/26/2021 00:57 B F 04/26/1984 BLK BRO 150 Lbs 5′ 1″ 2306520 TGKCC
Case(s) Information
Case Number: F21013160 Desc: PTS
Comment Case: PC FOUND PTS ALT BOND CT1-2 5K EACH Alt Bond: $ 10000 **
Bond Information
Charge Satisfied: No
Bond Submitted: No
** Bond information posted on this case/charge may not reflect the current amount. Call the detention facility for updated information.


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