On the night of September 13, 2020 at around 9pm on Canal St., a gruesome discovery was made in Miami Springs. A vehicle had plowed through a family of our local Muscovy ducks. In total 6 ducks were killed by the impact. As I reached the scene, local neighbors were outside curious as to if anyone knew or heard who’d had done it. One man was telling me a story of how he had raised a duck through his youth, seemingly disturbed by the situation at hand. As he should be, either this event was malice towards our neighborhood ducks, or your children could be in danger on our streets. 

At a moments notice after seeing the carnage done to these ducks, I had called Miami Springs Police to report the incident. They said the interest was in Public Works to clean the area. I confided that I believed this was a criminal malicious act (which they agreed), but with little discourse to action. I would deem at least a ticket could be cited in these instances, with some hope of an arrest if future cases can be caught. The PACT Act signed by president Donald Trump makes animal cruelty a federal felony, which was most obviously perpetrated against our city pets. Committing acts like this on animals is heinous and the signs of a sadist. Duck murders and poisonings have been noted occurrences in Miami Springs. At one point we even had a serial duck killer, driving around kidnapping ducks. Saddening, in a town that prides itself as a bird sanctuary that we can’t prevent these atrocities. Many people enjoy these aquatic birds, being able to feed them, and watching them interact.

At around 9:25pm I came back with gloves to move the ducks off of the street, but an older gentleman was already doing the deed. I want to thank him for his good honest work, though he should’ve maybe worn some gloves.




Photos and story contributed by Nicho Herrera.


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