The annual Blessed Trinity Parish Festival was held this past weekend.  The weather was great.  The crowd was great.  And everyone was wearing a smile when they weren’t chewing down on the Pan con Lechon or enjoying some soft serve ice cream.

The kids had a blast jumping from ride to ride.  The carnival partners did a great job bringing in fun and exciting rides that kept the kids coming back for more.

Sebastian and friend getting ready for the ride to take off

Some of the rides the kids enjoyed included the Hangover, a looping ride that swings riders up and down a circular path until they complete loop.  The ride even pauses for a moment at the peak of the ride leaving riders upside down for a moment before looping back down.

The Expo Wheel was the big classic ferris wheel and focal point that was visible from Curtiss Parkway.  At night it lit up with dancing lights that attempt to hypnotize and lure you in for a ride.  Riders were treated with a birds eye view of the entire Festival and the surround areas of Virginia Gardens and Miami Springs.

The Rock-n-Roll ride by far had the longest lines.  This ride spins the riders along a circular path, but also allows the riders to spin the carriage along a vertical axis.  With enough momentum, riders were able to spin the carriage upside down with several loops.

Vertigo, the classic carnival swing lifts riders several stories up while swinging riders around in a circle.  Again this ride provides passengers a sweet view of the fairgrounds and the surrounding community.  It also provided the festival goers with a nice breeze with temps in the low 70s.

Other rides at the Festival included the Tornado, Bumper Cars, Gravity Defying Centrifugal Force Rides, the Himalaya, motorcycle ride for young kids, and much more.


Bingo was a huge hit all weekend long.  The Bingo tent was packed all weekend with extra tables and chairs added to accommodate the extra players outside the tent.


Watch the incomparable Joe Corey talk about Live Auction at the Blessed Trinity Festival:

“Grant Miller here!”

We had the opportunity to run into our friend, and publisher at Miami’s Community Newspapers, the one and only Grant Miller at the Blessed Trinity Parish Festival. Here’s a quick video from the weekend:

Fun Times

Thank You

At the end of the weekend, a fun time was had by all.  But it wouldn’t be possible without the tireless work by all the volunteers.  Thank you for your tireless work to put the Festival together.  Thank you for lending your time and talent at the booths, food operations, garage sale, auction, and so much more.  Your commitment to our community and especially the Blessed Trinity faith community is greatly appreciated.  Thank you all so much for what you each did for our community and for Blessed Trinity.  God bless you all.


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