We are happy to announce the upcoming wedding of Claudia Rodriguez Beron and Fabian Ledesma Esain. Getting married at the Curtiss Mansion is a dream come true for these beautiful Miami Springs residents.

The Couple
Although they’ve both lived in the US most of their lives, Claudia Rodriguez Beron and Fabian Ledesma Esain are both Uruguayans. It was 7 years ago when a Uruguayan singer, Lucas Sugo, performed in Brickell at a theater near where Claudia used to live. When Fabi kept looking at Claudia at the bar, she got a drink and I broke the ice. Since that day, they have been literally inseparable.


How They Arrived at Miami Springs
Claudia has worked around the corner from Miami Springs for 8 years and fell in love with it when she was looking for schools for her 5-year-old daughter Victoria – because she wanted to keep her close to her office (rather than in North Miami Beach). They loved their old house, but the 45 minute drive with two kids crying and complaining was killing her. Also, they weren’t happy with the town they lived in because it didn’t feel like home to them. Their move to the Springs took less than two months after they had finally decided tp take the leap. Looking back, people were fighting over the sale houses during this time. They moved to the Springs, bought their golf cart, and instantly felt like they were meant to be here. Tori goes to Isaac Academy, while Luli, an almost 2-year-old, is at Baptist Church Daycare. Claudia does her hair at Open Hair Salon, have Sunday breakfast at Corner Diner, and shop locally to support the town. They planned to have their wedding at the Curtiss Mansion because the couple holds the Springs so dear to their hearts. as Claudia would say, their children should grow up in the Springs and have memories of every corner of the town when they come back. That’s why they want their lives to develop within its boundaries. Same as when Claudia’s parents go back to their small Italian-founded towns in Uruguay. A tightly neat community is priceless; “when the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind”.

The Meaning of Family
A couple of their favorite things are home cooking, Friday Board Games Nights, and Sunday Home Made Pasta. They eat together, walk their dogs, and pick up their girls almost every day. Additionally, they have Claudia’s parents, her brother, cousins, and a wonderful circle of friends, some of whom they’ve known for 20 years. At the end of the day, family values are what drive them as parents.


The Wedding Plan
Their wedding will be a Mediterranean Piazza Wedding, fitting with the Mansion’s architecture since they both come from Spanish and Italian backgrounds. This wedding is going to be a real experience, with everything happening on the “piazza” (the patio in this case) from live cooking to live music to dancing to kids playing…all about celebrating togetherness, especially after what everyone went through back in 2020. Debbie, Julie, and Javier at the Curtiss Mansion are going above and beyond to make sure these Miami Springs residents get their fairytale wedding – and they are absolutely looking forward to it!


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