On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at approximately 6:51pm, a white Tesla sedan attempted to make a left turn from the middle lane of eastbound NW 36th Street in Miami Springs. While attempting to make the left hand turn, the Tesla struck a blue Toyota C-HR SUV.

The accident was caught on camera from a dash cam on the westbound lane of South River Drive.

Fortunately, no one appeared to be seriously injured. No other vehicles were involved in the accident.

Miami Springs Police were called out and a unit responded at the scene.

Why did the Tesla attempt to make a left turn from the middle lane?  Who knows?  Maybe they were lost?  Confused?  Nervous?  Regardless, this is why drivers must pay attention to what they are doing at all times.

If you find that you missed a turn, just go to the next intersection and make a U-Turn.  It’s far safer and ultimately would have saved this driver time and money.

As for the blue Toyota C-HR, that vehicle was just minding their own business.  When you watch the video, it might appear that the C-HR is speeding because it’s going faster than the vehicles around.  However, the vehicle in the far left lane was slowing down to make a proper left hand turn.  And the vehicle to the Toyota’s right, the white Tesla, is also slowing down.  That gives the Toyota an appearance of speeding.  But if the Toyota was truly speeding, it would not have been able to recover and stop in such a short distance on a slick and wet road.

The moral of the story is this.  Follow the laws.  Put the phone down.  Pay attention at all times.  Not only because it’s important for the driver to follow all the traffic laws, but because we have a population of drivers that do unexpected things that can lead to an accident.

Drive carefully.  And make sure you have proper insurance.

Local attorney, Leonardo Concepcion, who handles personal injury claims, shared his expertise in what to do after a car accident including 3 things most people don’t know.

Accident location: NW 36th Street and South Royal Poinciana Blvd / South River Drive.

Hurt in an accident:  Call Concepcion Law at 305.791.6529 or visit www.LConcpionLaw.com.


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