When we saw that Manny Varas had invested $6.1 Million into the Miami Springs Central Business District by purchasing the Hook Square Property and the 1 South Royal Poinciana Boulevard, the speculation was that it would be converted into a mixed use retail / apartment complex with a garage at the Hook Square Property.

However, the initial indications are that the new buyer, Mr. Varas, is interested in a retail renovation giving Miami Springs’ downtown a much needed makeover without adding more residential units.

Take a peak at some of the sample retail illustrations that were posted on banners at the 1 South Royal Poinciana Blvd retail center:

1 South Royal Poinciana Boulevard

Below you’ll see what the retail center at 1 South Royal Poinciana Blvd currently looks like.  This is the former location of the Adventist Book Store.  On the far left is Ray’s Tae Kwon Do Center.

You’ll see we added the illustration of what is being called the Springs Circle Center.  You’ll notice the fresh, modern looking facade.  Plus, you’ll notice the retail friendly taller windows that will make it much more inviting and interesting to the thousands that pass by this location daily.

Springs Circle Center Retail Remodeling
Springs Circle Center Retail Remodeling

Here’s another angle of the same property.  As a reference the Circle is off camera to our left.  Smack in the middle is the current location of Ray’s Tae Kwon Do Center.

Underneath, you’ll see the vision for what the Springs Circle Center’s retail renovation and modernization will look like.

Springs Circle Center Retail Remodeling
Springs Circle Center Retail Remodeling

Hook Square Shopping Center

As mentioned earlier, Mr. Varas’ development firm purchased the Hook Square Shopping Center as well.  You can see the facelift will give a dramatic improvement to the look providing a much more inviting experience.

Hook Square Retail Renovation
Hook Square Retail Renovation

We appreciate Mr. Varas’ $6.1 million commitment and initial investment into the Miami Springs Central Business District.  I’m sure residents are happy to hear that no new apartments are planned for this shopping center…at least for now.

What do you think of the initial illustrations?  Leave your comments below and/or share via social media.


Hook Square Property Sells for $3.3 Million


  1. If these new businesses are going to survive, we need more people living in the CBD. If not they are just going to be empty spaces or real estate offices. Frankly I can’t see Mr Vargas spending $6m in the hopes that the present population of Miami Springs will do their shopping in his properties.

    • It also depends on the business. Some businesses will attract outsiders (airport employees, Hialeah residents, etc) to it. There are thousands of vehicles that pass by that corner every day. I pray Mr. Varas’ experience will bring a positive mix of long lasting and successful businesses.


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