Miami-Dade County Commissioner, Kevin Marino Cabrera, has effectively killed annexation for Miami Springs.  As you may remember, former Commissioner, Rebeca Sosa was a champion for Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens and fought hard to move annexation forward.  That is no longer the case.

Commissioner Kevin Cabrera Kills Annexation
County Commissioner Kevin Cabrera Kills Annexation for Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens

The new County Commissioner representing voters in Miami Springs, Virginia Gardens, and portions of South Hialeah, Miami, Coral Gables, and South Miami is not as supportive of the will of Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens Voters.  Miami Springs residents voted twice in support of annexation.  However, that resident support has fallen on deaf ears with Cabrera.

Map of Miami-Dade County Commission District 6
Map of Miami-Dade County Commission District 6

Back in January, Commissioner Bermudez who represents the area of Doral and Medley, easily got the Town of Medley’s annexation application approved by a vote of 10-2.

When it was Commissioner Cabrera’s opportunity to move the Virginia Gardens application to a Commission vote, he pulled the item in order to get a survey of the business owners of the area.

Survey Shenanigan 1: Political Cover

The non-binding survey was a political stunt to provide cover to Commissioner Cabrera.  All the politicians in Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens were pushing for annexation.  So instead of just saying no to Miami Springs Mayor Mitchell and saying no to Virginia Gardens Mayor Spencer Deno, Cabrera used the survey as a defense of not supporting the will of Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens voters. Everyone knew ahead of time what the survey results would ultimately say. This was just a political stunt.

Survey Shenanigan 2: Multiple Votes by Same Entity 

According to Miami Springs Mayor, Maria Mitchell, the County sent the survey to every property folio.  In other words, every unique parcel of land was sent a survey.  Surprise surprise.  Many of the property folios are owned by the same entity.  So the survey could be filled out by the same entity multiple times.  It wasn’t one vote per landowner.  It was big property owners, multiple votes.  According to Maria Mitchell, some of the property owners voted 12 times with one property owner voting 19 times.

Yeah…that alone should show you that this was never a legit survey.  This was a weighted survey.  In other words, it’s bogus.

Survey Shenanigan 3: Text Removal 

According to Miami Springs Mayor, Maria Mitchell, the City of Miami Springs was able to include a 100 word statement in the survey.  Mayor Mitchell exclaimed how they worked with the City Attorney and the City Lobbyist to produce a succinct 100 word statement.  Mysteriously, 15 words from the City of Miami Springs 100 word statement were removed.  That included information on how to contact and email the City should a property owner have any questions.

Oh how convenient.  The County removed the ability for a legit property owner to reach out to Miami Springs to get information before submitting the survey.

The response Maria Mitchell received from the County was that it was an accident.  The typical Miamian would tell you, “it was gangsta.” 

Annexation Not Moving Forward with Cabrera

Miami Springs Mayor Maria Mitchell stated that Commissioner Kevin Cabrera expressed to her that he will not be seeking annexation.  The only other commitment Mayor Mitchell received from Commissioner Cabrera was that he would block any other municipality from attempting to annex the area Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens have been fighting for over the last 20 years.

It has become clear that if Miami Springs wants to move forward with annexation, they’ll need a County Commissioner that will support the will of the residents of Miami Springs  over the big money interests.

What’s next on annexation?


At least for now.  As Mayor Mitchell stated at Monday’s City Council Meeting, “we’re going to look at the prospect down the road.”

Meanwhile, the City of Hialeah, the second biggest city in the County, is attempting to annex unincorporated areas of Brownsville.  See the map below:

Hialeah Annexation Map
Hialeah Annexation Map

Furthermore, the Town of Medley successfully grew their city.  The City of Sweetwater had a massive annexation just west of the Dolphin Mall.  Both of them thanks to Commissioner JC Bermudez.

Map of Sweetwater Annexation
Map of Sweetwater Annexation

Where is our Commissioner?  Where is Kevin Cabrera’s successful annexation for his constituents?  Bermudez got it done for his constituents.  Why can’t Cabrera?

Possible Solution?

Back during the original annexation application, Miami Springs was attempting to annex an area east of Miami Springs adjacent to the Abraham tract.  This was a natural growth of an already successful annexation.

However, at the time, then County Mayor, Carlos Alvarez, asked the City of Miami Springs not to pursue this area due to the plans for the Miami Intermodal Center.

Well, it’s been well over a decade since Carlos Alvarez was Mayor of Miami-Dade County.  And the Miami Intermodal Center has been completed.  Why not submit a new annexation application that includes the area to our east?

Possible Annexation Area on the Eastern border of Miami Springs
Possible Annexation Area on the Eastern border of Miami Springs

If we annex both areas, the City of Miami Springs would raise a significantly larger amount of revenue than just annexing one area.  This may allow the city to lower the millage rate even further.  Thus, this may make it easier for the anti-annexation crowd to accept as the cost increases are lowered.

Your Thoughts?

Did Commissioner Kevin Cabrera let down the residents of Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens?

Should Miami Springs continue to fight for annexation?

Should we attempt to annex the area along our eastern border?

Should we drop annexation?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via social media.



  1. Commissioner Cabrera is turning into a real disappointment as the annexation is very important to our city. Miami Springs should definitely apply for annexation of the land both east and west.


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