COVID-19 truly killed so many of the in person events and introduced a whole new world of Zoom and Online Meetings. The Online Meetings are here to stay, but there’s nothing like reconnecting in person. And that’s exactly what the Miami Springs Airport Area Chamber of Commerce did last week. They reconnected business and organizational leaders at Hole 19 inside the Miami Springs Country Club last Thursday. We’d like to thank Raul Pestonit for his hard work and efforts to move the Chamber forward. Here’s a quick recap of some of the connections we made last week:

Raul Pestonit and Nestor Suarez at the Miami Springs Airport Area Chamber of Commerce Event at Hole 19
Raul Pestonit and Nestor Suarez at the Miami Springs Airport Area Chamber of Commerce Event at Hole 19


Raul Pestonit discusses the Airport Area Chamber of Commerce’s efforts post pandemic.  Yannick Kemmache from Hole 19 discusses some of the new changes at the Country Club including the opening of GreenHouse for smaller private events.

Watch the short video with Raul Pestonit and Yannick Kemmache below:

Below we connected with Leonardo Concepcion from Concepcion Law and Sam Chesser from Self-Help Credit Union, the new Credit Union that will be opening up at the former SunTrust building on the Circle.  FYI:  Self-Help Credit Union is hiring for bank positions.

Meet Julie Arias, the Director of the beautiful and Historic Curtiss Mansion.  In addition to hosting beautiful weddings, the venue is hosting the Cortez Manor Haunted House experience.  Arias is also heading the River Cities Festival that returns in April.

We met with Chris Bermejo and Joseph Arbolaez who handle life insurance, retirement planning, and asset protection.

We had a great conversation with Miami Springs Senior High Teacher Nick Acosta who also chairs the Prologis Trade and Logistics Academy.  The program gets high school students hands on experience with what it takes to handle physical cargo and logistics.  We live in a world of supply chains and logistics.  Nick and his program prepare Miami Springs Senior High Students to tackle the supply chain opportunities of the future.

We also connected with Oscar Mendez from Woody’s Backyard Grill.  They’re going to be hosting a HUGE watch party tonight between the Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals.  Tonight’s game is only broadcast via Amazon Prime and yes they have the Amazon Prime ready for tonight’s broadcast.

Eric Dennis from the EB Hotel on NW 36th Street shared information about their wonderful conference rooms and event spaces for up to 500 people.  Great space for Christmas parties, proms, quinces, weddings and much more.

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The Chamber’s mission is to promote and meet the needs of our local businesses while continuously striving to maintain the best community in which to live, work and do business.  Click to learn more about the Miami Springs Airport Area Chamber of Commerce.


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