Local Cases

Our local zip code (33166) has reported 283 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.  Not all of the cases are in Miami Springs as our zip code also includes Virginia Gardens, parts of Medley, Doral, and unincorporated Miami-Dade.  But Miami Springs does represent the largest share of the overall population with 55% of the population within the zip code.  We also know that Fair Havens has had 119 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, easily representing 42% of the cases within our zip code.

Miami-Dade Cases

Miami-Dade has over 16,000 confirmed cases of the virus or one third of the cases within the State of Florida.  Miami-Dade has had over 2,400 hospitalizations or a 15% hospitalization rate.  Miami-Dade has lost 589 people to the virus or a 3.7% fatality rate.  Of course, the fatality rate varies greatly by age. As we reported last week, the fatality rate is as high as 22% for those over 85 years old.  It’s a 13% mortality rate for those 75-84.  The survivability is at 92.6% for those aged 65-74.  The survivability rate improves to 97.7% for those 55-64 and it jumps to 99% for those 45-54.  For those under 44 years of age, the mortality rate is less than 4 tenths of one percent.  Not one person under 25 has been confirmed to have died from the Coronavirus within Miami-Dade County.





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