COVID-19 is here to stay…at least for a while.  As such, we’ve moved away from the daily reporting and updating on a weekly basis.  The good news has been that the number of daily deaths has gone down significantly.  The bad news is that the number of new cases has started to increase.

The number of new cases really depends on who’s getting sick. Kids getting sick from COVID-19 are not dying in the State of Florida.  However, as we know too well, the elderly who catch COVID-19 can die at an alarming rate.  We don’t have to look very far.  Fair Havens has now lost 41 residents to COVID-19.  That continues to be the highest number in the State of Florida.  By comparison, the next nursing home on the list lost 25 people.  it’s extremely sad to know that we’ve lost 41 vulnerable neighbors to this horrible disease.


Within our zip code (33166) there have been 323 confirmed cases of COVID-19.  That includes 134 residents who caught the virus at Fair Havens.  As stated above, 41 of those residents did not survive.  That’s a 31% mortality rate at Fair Havens.


As we open up the state of Florida, it’s important to continue to wear masks, wash hands, etcetera.  However, with the exception of Fair Havens, Florida, by in large, has done a good job protecting the elderly.  Simply put, the elderly are the most vulnerable to this disease.  I’m no longer fearful of seeing new cases jump up if those cases are among younger residents AND as long as the number of deaths per day continue to go down.

Bottom line.  We’re starting to live again.  Things are finally opening up.  Let’s enjoy it.  But let’s be smart and disciplined about it.  Let’s follow the CDC guidelines and let’s be extra careful and vigilant with our elderly.

Now, can we open up the beaches already?  Let’s give South Florida some COVID killing sunshine, salt-air, and blue ocean enjoyment.


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