Miami Springs had an extremely calm and peaceful protest on the Circle Saturday afternoon.  The group included a couple dozen folks including men, women, families and children.  It was the kind of family friendly protest that would make Miami Springs proud.  Very peaceful and zero confrontations with the police.

Of course, no one knew what to expect at the protest.  Would we get a peaceful protest that is in character with our neighborhood, or would our city be invaded by agitators looking to start trouble?  The Miami Springs Police Chief was hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst.  Miami Springs Police had the Circle surrounded at virtually every corner.  There were even extra officers from other local departments on the Circle as reinforcements.  In other words, our Miami Springs Police Department was prepared to protect our City and would not let outside agitators loot and or damage our City.

As you can see, Police were at the ready around the Circle and even on rooftops.

Fortunately, the crowd was very friendly and extremely peaceful.  They wanted to share their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The main theme from these protestors was “Black Lives Matter.”  

As you can see below, signs read “Black Live Matter” and “Don’t be racist!”

In addition, there was a lone man that was standing on Curtiss Parkway and just holding an American flag.  Again, everything was very peaceful.

Below you can see a truck that was driving around the Circle holding an American flag with the blue line in support of Police Officers.

All in all, whether you agree with certain politics or not, we can happily say that this protest was a model for being able to express their message in peace, without anyone holding them back and without any destruction or violence whatsoever.  

I want to thank all the protestors for behaving fantastically and peaceful during our time at the Circle.  Everyone was polite.  No one was arguing.  They were there to share their support.  They were not there to start trouble and the community appreciates this.

For those that brought their children, they showed that in America you have the right to express your point of view.  You can stand for what you believe in.  And you can do it peacefully without violence or destruction.

At the end of the day, they were able to successfully share their message through a peaceful process.

I also want to thank all the Police Officers from Miami Springs, Virginia Gardens, and other local departments who were here to keep our community safe should outside agitators attempt to create violence, looting, or otherwise disrupt our peaceful community.  Thank you.

Below you can see Virginia Gardens was present to support our city.



Miami Springs can be very proud that the people involved in the protest were very peaceful and that our Police Department was able to mobilize support should the worst case scenario manifest itself in our town.

Thanks again to everyone for showing how to express yourself peacefully, without blocking roadways, without confronting the police, without agitating, without causing problems for our city.  Thank you.

And we also want to thank the police for letting the protestors demonstrate and march peacefully.  The police were in full force, but in no way there to prevent the protestors from sharing their message.  The police did a great job of stepping back and letting the protestors gather and share their message.


We were able to speak with the gentleman below.  You can watch the discussion in the videos above.  His goal was to support the Black Lives Matter movement and to look into defunding Police as a possible solution.


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