As we stated a few weeks back, the Florida Department of Health ceased reporting with the detailed dashboard that helped us report details by zip code.  Nevertheless, we still have statewide data on new cases and fatalities.

Overall, we can see that cases dropped across Florida in late May, but did slightly increase towards the end of June.  Of course, we know that people are interacting far more than they were back in January when we had the highest number of new cases since the beginning of the pandemic.  Clearly, the vaccination program has had a dramatic effect on the decrease in new cases and a return to normal life.

Fortunately, fatalities have continued to fall since the introduction of the vaccine.  As you can see in the chart below, the number of weekly fatalities has continued to drop in the State of Florida.  Last week, the State of Florida reported 210 fatalities.  That puts the total number of fatalities at 38,726 since the start of the pandemic.  The fatality rate stands at 1.6% of known COVID-19 cases in Florida.


If you look at vaccinations by age group, 83% of those 65 and older have been vaccinated statewide according to the Florida Department of Health.  About 3 quarters of those aged 60 – 64 have been vaccinated.

We strongly urge people who haven’t been vaccinated to get the vaccine.  Especially those over the age of 60 or anyone with a condition that would make them more susceptible to dying from COVID-19.  As you can see in the chart below, the fatality rate for people who were tested positive with COVID-19 and were 65 or older was nearly 10% or every 10th person over 64 that caught COVID died in Florida.

The fatality rate stands at 2% for those between 60 and 64.  It drops to about 1% fatality rate for those in their 50s.

The good news is that those who are most likely to die from COVID are also the ones who have seen the highest vaccination rates.  That’s good.

As you can see, only about 30% of teens have been vaccinated.  The good news is that they’re protecting their parents, loved ones, teachers, etc.  But since the start of the pandemic, Florida has only lost 155 people under the age of 30 to COVID.  So, it’s no surprise young adults in their 20s have only had a 37% vaccination rate.

Again, you and only you are responsible for your health.  At this point, pretty much the only people dying from COVID-19 are people who have NOT been vaccinated.

Life has risks.  We get in a car, we can die.  You ride your bike, you can die.  Cross the street, you can die.  Of course, we take steps to mitigate the risks like wearing a seatbelt, wearing a helmet, looking both ways before crossing the street, and getting the vaccine.

Stay safe everybody.  We pray the number of fatalities continues to go down.

God bless you.


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