There are now nearly 20,000 cases of the Coronavirus in the State of Florida.  The statewide hospitalization rate is at 13.4% with 2,672 people hospitalized from the Coronavirus this year.  The statewide fatality rate from the Coronavirus is 2.3% with 461 cases.

In Miami-Dade County, we just surpassed 7,000 cases with 538 hospitalization or 7.6% of all cases.  We have lost 97 people to COVID-19 this year for a fatality rate of 1.4%.

We don’t have a lot of faith in the number of people reported by municipality as many people will just put “Miami” instead of their actual city.  However, there are now 50 cases of COVID-19 within our zip code of 33166.

As we’ve repeated, Miami-Dade has done far better than other parts of the country. Here are the areas reported to have the most fatalities in the County:

  • New York City:  6,898 fatalities
  • Nassau New York:  846 fatalities
  • Suffolk New York:  518 fatalities
  • Westchester New York:  511 fatalities
  • Cook Illinois: 485 fatalities
  • Bergen New Jersey:  453 fatalities
  • Essex New Jersey:  428 fatalities
  • Oakland Michigan:  329 fatalities
  • Los Angeles California:  300 fatalities
  • King Washington:  292 fatalities
  • Fairfield Connecticut:  248 fatalities
  • Orleans Lousiana:  235 fatalities
  • Source:  John Hopkins University


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