Our zip code had the lowest number of new cases in the last 6 months; Just 62 new cases of COVID-19 over the last 7 days.  In Miami Springs we estimate we had just 34 new cases last week.


In Miami-Dade we had 5,854 new cases of the Coronavirus in the last week.  That’s the lowest number of new weekly cases since late October of last year.  Hopefully, this is a sign we are reaching herd immunity.

Miami-Dade County had 143 new hospitalizations over the last 7 days.  That’s the lowest number of weekly hospitalizations since mid December.  Again, very encouraging news.

Fatalities also dropped last week with 63 reported deaths in Miami-Dade County last week.  That’s the lowest number of fatalities in Miami-Dade County since the last week of 2020.  It takes a while to see fatalities come down so we are very encouraged to see the drop in deaths.  Hopefully this is the beginning of the end.


Statewide, we also saw a decline in new COVID-19 cases with 35,937 new cases reported in the State of Florida.  That’s the lowest number since late March.

We also saw a slight dip in fatalities last week statewide with 403 new fatalities.

Folks, if you are 18 and over, go get the vaccine if you haven’t already.  It’ll protect you and those who are most vulnerable.  Plus, the sooner we reach herd immunity, the sooner life gets back to normal.

Stay safe everybody.


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