Roger Jarman of Atlantic Models, Inc. shared details of the American Flag Celebration presented on Curtiss Parkway on Easter Sunday.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that the American Spirit is resilient.  During the harshest times through our history as a country we have time and again banded together to fight a common enemy.  Unity has been our strength and we are undefeated when we unite, as #OneNation!  In a display of strength as we fight the COVID-19 epidemic #OneNation #MiamiSprings is spearheading the effort to unite local communities throughout the country to stand strong together.

Join us in bringing our communities together during these times of separation.  The flag displays are easy to install and kept over 9 feet apart to encourage social distancing while we tighten our bond of all being proud Americans!
Where: City of Miami Springs, Florida.
Location: Curtiss Parkway.
Display install and time frame: Installation begins at 4 am and completed just before dawn on Easter Sunday. Display to remain until July 5th.
Sponsors: Miami Springs residents supplying the flags, poles, signs, and installation: Carlos Gomez, Julie Van Enk,  Roger Jarman, Greg Cates, Kevin Bronski, Erin Collingsworth, Chris Caudle, Louie Cimino and friends.
Display consists of 50 USA Flags, and a small sign in front of each flag identifying a State, and the year they gained Statehood.
Flags will be offset on either side of the center path at 9 feet. So, the display will be 26 feet wide, and 1000 feet long. The display begins on the north side of the USMC Memorial and continue north towards the circle.
The pledge of allegiance will take place at the 7 am Easter Sunday.


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