Factory Town Changes Kept Miami Springs Quiet
Factory Town Changes Kept Miami Springs Quiet

The folks at Factory Town had promised that their sound engineers had made appropriate changes so that the folks in Miami Springs would no longer hear the “Boom, Boom, Boom” coming from Hialeah.  But promises aren’t always kept.  So we asked the Miami Springs Community if they had heard anything over the weekend.  Here’s what the Community had to say:

Paul Hernandez: 
Haven’t heard anything

Mariana Salomon MacDonnell
We haven’t heard anything this time around- we are by the optimist club.

Michael Gavila
Did not herd anything

Alex Lopez
That means they listened and made changes. No need to ever hate. I don’t think they meant to bother residing City’s last time. It was there first so now they made the noise changes they needed to do while having a fun event for those that enjoy the type of events they have

Nirmal Nathan
Haven’t heard anything this time

Susan Oliva
I haven’t heard a thing!

Steven C. Finlay
Marilyn Rodriguez-Flores I haven’t heard anything though, have you?

Marilyn Rodriguez-Flores
Steven C. Finlay not at all

Steven C. Finlay
Marilyn Rodriguez-Flores For now we’ll keep hope alive.

Kathleen Robertson Yates
I have not heard a thing either.

Jackie Thompson
Yes..heard it last night but wasn’t super bad as before

Ger Car
Get ready for tonight and tomorrow… we coming with the boom boom

Michael Wayne Safreed
As long as their abiding by the noise ordinance.
Sandra Ruiz
Yep nothing Here… happy they listened ????

Eric Torres
Hialeah lluvia Mierda y FACTORIA

Janelle Amador-Hernandez
Haven’t heard a thing! Kudos to them for correcting the previous issues! ??????
Bryan Alexander Lowe
Heard music but it’s not bothering.
Bithinia-Ines Gutierrez
So far…..nada.
Angela Clark
No i haven’t heard them this time. Thank God
Mary Clark Hernandez
no noise from them here near the Sonoco/ Public Works area
Jaritza Milca Hernandez
Same. I’m on 3** Plover across Sunoco and I’ve heard no noise this time around. ??

Whitney Rowell Hutton
If it was last night our area by the Middle School did not hear it??‍♀️??‍♀️

Mario Sandino PA
They rearranged the venue so that the speakers are not pointing in our direction, spoke to some officials and they said they were able to make the changes needed to redirect the music in a different direction

Kathy Mitchell Abello
All has been quiet.

Paul Gresh
I could hear sound intermittently last night, but not excessively intrusive.

You see.  It’s not all or nothing.  You can have a great time without disturbing the neighbors.  We were so thrilled to see that Miami Springs Residents were able to sleep over the weekend.

We’d like to thank Mayor Maria Mitchell, the entire City Council, and the City Administration for taking this issue seriously and using every possible avenue to address the matter.

Miami Springs Mayor Maria Mitchell and Hialeah Mayor Esteban Bovo
Miami Springs Mayor Maria Mitchell and Hialeah Mayor Esteban Bovo (Photo credit: Maria Mitchell Social Media)

We also want to thank the folks at Factory Town for responding to our concerns.  We love the idea of having a party and a really good time.  We love the idea of turning the old factory district into an up and coming entertainment district.  We appreciate the fact that they listened to the concerns of Miami Springs residents and made changes so that the noise would not infiltrate into Miami Springs.


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We will continue to monitor for future events, but we are obviously very pleased with the initial results.


The City of Miami Springs confirmed that they had not received a single complaint over the weekend concerts that started on Thursday.   Here’s the statement from the City of Miami Springs:

“We are pleased to report that during the four day Hialeah Factory Town event that began March 24, 2022 and ended March 27, 2022, the city received ZERO noise complaints. It was through the combined efforts of Mayor Mitchell working with Hialeah Mayor Bovo, the City Administration and City Attorneys working with Factory Town, and the efforts of the Miami Springs Council members that we were able to have Factory Town develop and implement a noise mitigation plan to mitigate the noise from coming into our City. We want to thank all of the parties involved for reaching a mutually beneficial solution..”


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