The speed limit along the 4 lane stretch of South Royal Poinciana Boulevard from LeJeune Road to East Drive is now 30 miles per hour.

This stretch of road has historically had a 35 mph speed limit.  Habits are a tough thing to break, so it’s important that commuters are aware of the new LOWER speed limit.

The Miami Springs Chief of Police, Armando Guzman, reported on speeding within in the Springs early last year.  The Miami Springs Police Department deployed pole mounted radar devices throughout the community to gauge the amount of traffic and speeding at different areas of the community.  Below you’ll find the speeding data at 500 South Royal Poinciana Boulevard:

500 SOUTH ROYAL POINCIANA BOULEVARD – 4/5/17 through 4/16/17 

Total Number of Vehicles Recorded:  16,895

  • Percentage of Vehicles Speeding:  42% or 7,125 vehicles
  • Average Speed of Speeders:  41 MPH
  • Percentage of Vehicles Speeding 10 miles over the limit:  7% or 1,111 vehicles
  • Highest Speed Recorded during the Testing Period:  90 MPH

We believe reducing the speed limit from 35 miles per hour to 30 miles per hour will help reduce the average speed of commuters within this area.


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