According to an article published in The Miami Heraldthe Fair Havens nursing home was recently fined over a quarter million dollars by the federal government due to failings during the COVID-19 pandemic that cost the lives of 59 residents at the facility.

Fair Havens CoronavirusAccording to the report, Fair Havens was fined $267,764 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the largest such fine related to COVID-19 in the nation.

Fair Havens CoronavirusNEW NAME FOR FAIR HAVENS

As is common for a facility that has received notoriously bad press over the last year, Fair Havens has changed its name.  According to the report, the new name for Fair Havens is  “Miami Springs Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.”  

Miami Battle Creek Sanitarium
Miami Battle Creek Sanitarium

Of course, the facility was originally founded as the Hotel Country Club by Glenn Curtiss.  It was later converted to the Miami-Battle Creek Sanitarium by cereal magnate, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg.  It later became known as Fair Havens nursing center before becoming the notorious nursing facility that at one point lead the State of Florida with the highest number of COVID-19 related nursing home deaths.

Fair HavensBelow is an early video report back when there were just 8 COVID deaths at the time:

We don’t know what liabilities the center may face from civil lawsuits from the family members.


Fair Havens



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