The Federal Reserve raised interest rates 0.75 percentage points today.  According to the Wall Street Journal, it’s “the biggest increase since 1994.”

Federal Reserve Building

Home Buyers

While mortgage rates continue to go up, they are still at relative historic lows.  That means you can still lock in a great rate, but you have to hurry AND you need to work with a team that can match you with the lowest rates possible.  Our partners at the Firenze Group Corporation do an outstanding job of connecting hard working people with good credit with the lowest possible mortgage rates on the market.  This can help you save a tremendous amount of money over the life of the loan.


Let’s put it another way.  If you go to a retail bank, you may end up paying higher interest rates and fees.  They can only offer their in-house mortgage products.  By working with a boutique company like the Firenze Mortgage Group that has relationships and connections with hundreds of bank programs, they can match you with the right program for your budget, your credit, and your financial situation.

Home Owners

If you have an existing home and you’ve lived there for more than a couple of years, chances are, your home’s value has sky rocketed.  That means you may be able to cash out some large sums of cash from your home’s equity for home improvements, investments, a remodeling, new pavers, a new pool, etc.  Remember, it’s important to find a program that matches your good credit and income to the lowest possible rate.

Call our friends at the Firenze Group Corporation.  They’ll walk you through the entire process and make home financing much easier…and more often…more affordable than going to a traditional bank.  Call the Firenze Group at 305.882.0933.  They’re located across from the Miami Springs Police Station at 299 Park Street.

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