Hialeah Park Flamingos are fleeing the grounds of Hialeah and venturing into Miami Springs with dozens of residents sharing pictures and videos of the beautiful birds here in Miami Springs.

Ken Wilde, the longtime Miami Springs resident and member of the Miami Springs Historical Society has been documenting the recent spike in sightings of the Flamingos here in Miami Springs.  Below is video of the Flamingos strutting along a baseball field along Peavey Dove Field across from the High School shot by Ken Wilde.

Ken Wilde also caught this incredible footage of “Over 100 flamingos” flying over the clay pit on Dove Avenue.

Ken has absolutely been incredibly thorough on this story.  And he believes he’s found the culprit:  Foxes.  I know some people are surprised when they learn we have foxes in Miami Springs.  But heck, I was surprised to learn we have foxes in Hialeah.  In the video below, Ken captured the Flamingos flying around the track after getting spooked by foxes.

Here’s the full explanation from Ken Wilde:

“Each night just after sunset a skulk of at least 5 foxes have been causing the flamingos at Hialeah Park to flee. The video shows a nearby barking fox trotting toward the flamingos and at 7:26 two other foxes. Other videos show two more foxes all of which caused the flamingos to take flight and prevent them from landing. Several minutes after leaving the park they landed at the Miami Springs sludge lagoon known by locals as the “clay pit”. Sometime before sunrise each day they have been leaving Miami Springs and returning to Hialeah Park.”




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