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Former Monkee Davy Jones Thrills Sold Out Crowd at Rebeca Sosa Theater

Davy JonesDavy Jones thrilled the crowd last Sunday night at the Rebeca Sosa Theater in Miami Springs. From a comedic introduction, to performances of hit songs Daydream Believer and I`m a Believer, Davy Jones thrilled the crowd young and old.

The show started off with an introduction by our very own Donna Wood. Davy then climbed on stage with a humorous introduction. Referring often to his time with the Monkees, he said, “It`s like the Mafia. Once you`re in…You`re in for life.”
Davy Jones

While Mr. Jones had not committed to sing, he said, “I`m a ham.” and began to sing Daydream Believer thrilling the entire crowd. The theater was electrified with his incredible performance and energy level. He finished his unexpected and lively performance with I`m a Believer.

As promised, the film Head was shown to the public. Many in the audience privately commented, “What were they smoking back in the 60s?” But as weird as the film might seem by today`s standards, Davy Jones pointed out some of the groundbreaking affects in color and cinematography that were present in the cult classic film.

Davy Jones

Afterwards, Davy made himself available to a Question and Answer session with members of the audience asking him a variety of questions about his promoters and why the Monkees broke up. Mr. Jones did imply that their might be a reunion tour in the works. The audience also thanked him for coming to our small town and performing in our brand new theater.

Davy Jones

Fans were also able to purchase Davy Jones memorabilia, T-Shirts, and CDs. After the Q&A session, they brought up their T-Shirts and memorabilia for an autograph and picture taking session. Mr. Jones was more than happy to take a picture with everyone and sign their merchandise.

Davy Jones Memorabilia

The City of Miami Springs also honored Mr. Jones with a Proclamation declaring October 17th, Davy Jones day in honor of his volunteer performance in our town.

Davy Jones Day

All proceeds from the ticket sales benefited the Miami Springs Airport Area Chamber of Commerce. The Miami Springs Senior High Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta, also had a bake sale in the lobby to help raise funds for their organization.

Davy Jones and Wife Jessica

Davy Jones Officer Kelly and Wife



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