Gang of Vehicle Burglars Caught on Camera


Concerned Miami Springs resident shared this video of a suspect attempting to gain entrance to his locked cars at his Forrest Drive home in the early morning hours of Tuesday, December 1, 2020. After failing to gain entrance, the suspect walks off screen. However, just seconds later you can hear a car alarm go off and then you see several suspects running away. In other words, there’s a team attempting to gain entry into unlocked cars.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time video cameras have caught vehicular burglars on camera on Forrest Drive.  The following video was caught on March 15, 2019 showing a burglar gain entry into a parked car.

In September, a trespasser was caught allegedly casing a home on Forrest Drive.

Vehicular burglary is the number one most common crime in Miami Springs. Please lock the doors of your vehicle at all times. Security cameras help. And as you can see, despite not being deterred by motion sensors turning on, it was the car alarm that went off that finally sent these suspects running away.

If you have any information about this attempted burglary, you are asked to contact the Miami Springs Police at 305.888.9711.

If you’re tired of the continuous crime that happens in Miami Springs, you are urged to contact the City Manager and City Council.



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