When Valentine’s Day was closing in, I was doing what all the other guys were doing.  Shopping at the last minute to get something for the most important woman in our lives.  Fortunately, I remembered seeing a new flower shop on social media that had opened up just blocks away on South Royal Poinciana.

So I hop on my phone and sure enough I see Fruti Details.  They have an online store so I can quickly see the different arrangements and prices.  I immediately fell in love with the Venus Deluxe arrangement.  It’s a bouquet of perfectly arranged and tightly packed red roses.  None of the cheap filler.  It’s all red roses.  And it was packaged in a unique black cylinder with a red gift ribbon.  It looked gorgeous and the price was right, but there was one problem…

Venus Deluxe Floral Arrangement from Fruit Details
Venus Deluxe Floral Arrangement from Fruit Details

…Could they get it there on time?

I stopped by the shop in person and spoke with the friendly owners that run the shop.  The lovely couple were obviously busy working to get all the valentine’s orders out the door.  But they stopped what they were doing and warmly greeted me.  I showed Kleity (one of the owners) what I was looking for on my phone.  She assured me that I had ordered it just in the nick of time to ensure on time delivery for valentine’s day.  They were so nice and gave me confidence that I had ordered my wife a beautiful bouquet of roses and that it would get there on time.

Did they deliver?

On the all important day, I was nervous.  You always worry something might happen.  They send it to the wrong address.  The delivery guy doesn’t get there in time.  They get stuck behind the train.  Etc. Etc.

Quietly, you’re waiting to get a call or text letting you know whether she got it and if she’s excited about it or just ho hum.  Someday’s the hours fly by, but when you’re waiting for something, it seems like forever.  9am – 10am – 11am…nothing.  Should I get nervous?  Noon arrives.  Nothing yet.  finally at 12:51pm I get the message.  The flowers arrived on time and are impeccable.  But one question remains…

Venus Deluxe Floral Arrangement from Fruit Details
Venus Deluxe Floral Arrangement from Fruit Details

Did she like them?

I have to be honest with you.  She didn’t like the flowers…  She LOVED the flowers!  She told me, “I have always wanted an arrangement like that.”  Woohoo!  It all worked out.  The flowers were beautiful.  They arrived on time.  And most importantly, my wife was happy.

About Fruti Details:

Fruti Details is a wonderful hidden treasure in Miami Springs.  They’re located at 375 North Royal Poinciana Boulevard (a few doors down from ATACO by Divino).

Now, as they name implies, they make floral arrangements, fruit arrangements, chocolate arrangements, etc.  Here’s a sampling:

Now one of the interesting things about Fruti Details is that they have become masters at social media.  Their Instagram Account has over 51,000 followers!  You see, in addition to selling arrangements, this team creates tons of “How to content in Spanish.”  They even offer online classes to learn how to make your own dazzling arrangements.


You’re invited to attend the Grand Opening Event this Saturday, March 12, 2022, from 2pm to 6pm.  In celebration of the Grand Opening of their first brick and mortar retail store, they will be distributing free samples of their delicious chocolate strawberries (while supplies last) and you can register to win prizes including one of their gorgeous floral arrangements.

Grand Opening: Fruti Details Invites the Community to their Celebration

Check out some more amazing offerings from Fruti Details:





Fruti Details
Fruti Details


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