We were saddened to hear about the loss of one our favorite public servants of all time, former Miami Springs City Councilwoman Helen Gannon.

Former Miami Springs City Councilwoman Helen Gannon
Former Miami Springs City Councilwoman Helen Gannon

Helen served on the Miami Springs City Council from 1997 to 2003. She continued to be a strong champion for the City of Miami Springs for many years after her time on Council and could often be seen speaking during Public Forum alongside her daughter Deborah whom she helped for many years.

Gannon lived in Miami Springs for several decades (if not most of her life).  According to the City of Miami Springs, Gannon had moved up to Atlanta a few years ago.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Gannon family as well as many of her long time friends.  Knowing her personally, she was a wonderful, lively, energetic, and lovely lady.  She will be missed by many.

Please feel free to share any lovely memories you may have shared with Helen in the comments section below.



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