We’ve been hearing rumors over the last few weeks that there are homeless people living in Miami Springs hotels that may have Coronavirus, yada yada yada.  We hear tips and stories all the time, but we can only report back on stories where we can validate the source and authenticity.

Well, according to a recent Miami New Times article, The Rood Roof Inn “has a contract with the Homeless Trust to provide beds for the homeless on an emergency basis during the coronavirus pandemic.”  However, according to the article, 17 homeless men and women were left without rooms that they claim were paid for by the Homeless Trust.

We didn’t realize local hotels were being used as temporary homeless shelters.  Obviously, the hotel business is in shambles right now due to the Coronavirus, and this allows a business like the Red Roof Inn to give back.  Nevertheless, it’s good for the Miami Springs community to know what’s going on.

But then the story gets more interesting.  According to the article, “people displaying symptoms of COVID-19 get first priority for placement into hotels like the Red Roof…”

What?  Shouldn’t people with COVID-19 symptoms be transferred to a local hospital and not a Red Roof Inn on LeJeune?  Click here to read the full Red Roof Inn story.



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