Parking isn’t equal in Miami Springs.  We have restaurants like Siamo’s and Sushi Sake with minimal parking.  And then there are businesses like Truist Bank and Milam’s Markets that have proper parking.

Well, when you have that kind of disparity in parking, the inevitable happens.  Patrons, employees, and contractors will take advantage of the neighboring parking.

Of course, those business owners that pay to have parking for the use of their customers are not too keen to see the parking they pay for and maintain be taken away from their customers.  Back in December of 2022, we saw Truist take action and begin enforcing parking and towing away vehicles from their parking lot.

Alpine Towing at Truist Bank - Photo Credit Jorge Santin
Alpine Towing at Truist Bank – Photo Credit Jorge Santin

Now, Milam’s Markets has also enlisted the help of Alpine Towing to remove unauthorized vehicles from their lot to allow Milam’s customers to have ample parking during their visits.  Read the following statement from Milam’s Markets:

“Our goal is to provide the best shopping experience of any Supermarket, and we hope we are able to ensure parking spots remain plentiful for those wishing to shop with us.”

Milam's Markets Miami Springs, Florida

“We have countless signs indicating that parking is for Milam’s parking only and that this is a tow away zone.”

Milam's Markets Miami Springs, Florida

“We are fortunate to own a property that has 65 private parking spaces for our grocery store.  About a month ago around 7 pm, our parking lot was full with cars waiting to park, yet we only had 8 customers in the store.  People shopping for groceries aren’t going to park and walk a few blocks with heavy bags, that’s just not a reality, let alone our shopping carts wheels lock when you get to the edge or our property.”

“It is imperative that we protect our business interest to ensure customers have adequate and convenient parking within our parking lot.”

Obviously, Milam’s and Truist have a right to provide optimal parking for their customers.  They own the parking.  They pay for the parking.  They pay for the maintenance. They pay the taxes.  They pay for the insurance.  It’s not a “public parking lot.”

Let’s also acknowledge that adjacent businesses have a lack of convenient parking.  Heck, as we’ve reported for some time now, downtown Miami Springs has a general lack of parking.  Oh, and that’s before the new downtown building adds full time residents and its own set of restaurants and other businesses.

Let this serve as a warning to residents who might have ignored those tow away signs due to lack of enforcement.  Alpine Towing is on call and has towed away non-customers from Truist, and now, may also tow away non-customers from Milam’s Markets.

You’ve been warned.


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