I’m not an MS resident but my kids went to school and played sports there MS and enjoyed all the activities year round.

Bird on Golf Course
Bird on Golf Course

Anyways, my reply to your story is similar to my situation with the Board committee and HOA officials. I live in an active adult community in Broward county for the past 7 years now on hazardous conditions around our community that are not being repaired, which both the BOD and HOA are blaming one another and avoiding responsibility. I recently told both parties that we Don’t pay the BOD as they are volunteers and they don’t care about our residents otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation. That being said the HOA are now fixing and taking responsibility for their actions. I also told them that I will be running as President of the Board for the next election as my friends and neighbors have been trying to get me to run for several years now. I really don’t want to but if can help my community i will.

Miami Springs Golf and Country Club (Copyright MiamiSprings.com)
Miami Springs Golf and Country Club (Copyright MiamiSprings.com)

It is my hope that your story gets read and the residents of MS support you in and take action b4 things really get out of hand.

God bless and take care.


C. Soto

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