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On August 14th, while many in Miami Springs are on vacation, the City wants you to vote Yes on the following amendment of the Miami Springs City Charter:

Shall Charter Section 3.06(4)(a) be amended to change the terms of office for all Council Members, excluding the mayor, beginning with the General Municipal Election of April 2013, from two (2) year terms to four (4) year terms?

Here is what`s touted as the benefits to you:
What are the benefits to voters of a “yes” vote?
The benefits to our City of “yes” votes on each of these items are significant. A four-year Council Member term (with the exception of the two-year mayoral term) would ensure that the Council Members you elect can concentrate their talents and energies working more productively to serve you three of four years, not working 50% of their term for re-election. The proposed staggered terms will ensure greater Council stability, efficiency and continuity of experience, which is especially important during preparation of the Annual Budget. This will also make it easier for new Members to fall in and start contributing rather than the whole Council having to learn at once.

To this I`m calling out B.S.

What they`re trying to say here is that they can`t get their job done because they have to spend half their time campaigning. Gimme a break.

Miami Springs is a very small town. We get to keep our council in check every 2 years. Why would we, as citizens of this beautiful city, want to reduce the amount of power we have today? We have the power to vote the entire council out if we wish every 2 years. Why would we want to lessen the power we have today as citizens? The city wants to take that power away. The city wants you to be able to change mayors every 2 years, but get stuck with each councilperson for 4 years.

This is simply unnecessary. This clearly benefits the councilperson who can loaf around and not pay attention for 2 or 3 years. Then, when it`s election time they perk up and actually do some work to get re-elected.

My recommendation, VOTE NO on Amendment 1. You retain more power as a voter if you VOTE NO on Amendment 1. If you`re on vacation (highly likely in an August election) vote early or get an absentee ballot so you can retain your power as a citizen of Miami Springs.

Clearly, this is my personal opinion. You can choose to vote however you wish.


Nestor Suarez
Editor and Publisher



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