UPDATE 5/27/20:  The National Weather Service has confirmed that more than 7 inches of rain fell at Miami International Airport yesterday.  According to CurrentResults.com, that’s the highest amount of rainfall in Miami since May 22, 2012 when we received 9.7 inches of rain.  Many will also remember we received over 12 inches of rain on October 3, 2000.  The last flood that really inundated Miami Springs was the 2 day accumulation with the high on October 8, 1991 with 8.59 inches of rain.

ORIGINAL POST:  The Flash Flood Warning has been extended until midnight Tuesday by the National Weather Service.  Here’s the statement from the National Weather Service:

At 901 PM EDT, Doppler radar has indicated that the thunderstorms have ended over the area of the Flash Flood Warnings. However, rainfall amounts of 4 to 7 inches have fallen over the warning area during the last 3 hours and reports are still coming in of
flooding on streets across the area. This amount of rainfall will take some time to drain away due to the very saturated grounds. Therefore, the Flash Flood Warnings have been replaced with a Flood Warning.

Here are some of the damages we witnessed throughout the area.  On Swallow Drive, these cars were submerged in a below ground level parking garage.

On Hammond Drive, the you couldn’t tell where the road ended and the lake began.  Yes, that’s the lake on Hammond Drive and Corydon.

Here the Santos family was able to pull a car that had inadvertently driven into the canal.  With the water blocking the road, it was difficult for drivers to tell where the road ended and the canal began.


Video Entering Miami Springs from Perimeter Road around Miami International Airport.

Hammond Drive & Virginia Gardens

Ludlam, Bird Section, & Swallow Drive Underground Parking

Circle, Downtown, Blessed Trinity, Virginia Gardens

Map of Flooded Areas in Miami Springs

Map of flooded areas in Miami Springs published by the City of Miami Springs
Map of flooded areas in Miami Springs published by the City of Miami Springs



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